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  1. Definitions
  2. Miscellaneous
  3. D-Wave Two, quantum computer
  4. IBM Q, building commercially available universal quantum computers for business and science, IBM, Armonk, New York, USA
  5. QUESS (Quantum Experiments at Space Scale), world's first quantum communication satellite
  6. Quantum resources and integration, Australian Centre of Excellence for Quantum Computation & Communication Technology, The University of New South Wales , Sydney, Australia
  7. Thematic domain names for sale
  8. Microsoft Quantum, Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, Washington, USA
  9. Quantum computing, Intel Corporation, Santa Clara, California, USA
  10. Forest, API for quantum computation, Rigetti & Co, Inc., Berkeley, California, USA
  11. Bristlecone, quantum processor, Google Quantum AI lab, Mountain View, California, USA