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  1. Miscellaneous
  2. Robot Launch, California, USA
  3. IBM Watson AI XPRIZE, a Cognitive Computing Competition
  4. European Robotics Challenges
  5. The latest in ultra-affordable robots: AFRON competition announces winners
  6. ARGOS (Autonomous Robot for Gas & Oil Sites), robotics challenge
  7. Amazon Picking Challenge, warehouse robot challenge, Amazon.com, Inc., Seattle, Washington, USA
  8. IEEE ICRA Humanoid Application Challenge, Seattle, Washington, USA
  9. IEEE RAS Micro/Nano Robotics & Automation (MNRA) Technical Committee Mobile Microrobotics Challenge
  10. Maker Open, international robot competition, Makeblock and Shenzhen Government, Shenzhen, China
  11. Robot Competitions Kick Innovation in Cognitive Systems and Robotics (RoCKin), EU project
  12. Annual Artificial Intelligence Awards
  13. Airbus Shopfloor Challenge, Airbus Group, Blagnac, France
  14. Soft Robotics Competitions, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
  15. Cyber Grand Challenge, DARPA, Arlington, Virginia, USA
  16. KUKA Innovation Award, KUKA AG, Augsburg, Bavaria, Germany
  17. Robotic Grasping and Manipulation Competition @ IROS 2016 (Oct. 10-12, 2016), Daejeon, Korea
  18. General AI Challenge
  19. Bayer Grants4Tech, Leverkusen, Germany
  20. AI Fight Club, Kaggle Inc., San Francisco, California, USA
  21. Hyperloop pod competition, SpaceX, Hawthorne, California, USA
  22. Cortana Intelligence Competitions, Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, Washington, USA
  23. Innovate.AI: a Global Startup Competition, Microsoft Ventures, Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, Washington, USA
  24. Hutter Prize
  25. MachineHack, India
  26. The AIconics
  27. Engelberger Robotics Awards