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  1. CallApp, smart mobile app, Tel Aviv, Israel
  2. Definitions
  3. Saga, automatic lifelogging app, A.R.O. Inc., Seattle, Washington, USA
  4. Moves, automatic diary of your life, ProtoGeo Oy, Helsinki, Finland
  5. Breeze, activity-tracking app, FitnessKeeper, Inc., Boston, Massachusetts, USA
  6. RunKeeper, fitness-tracking app for iOS and Android, FitnessKeeper, Inc., Boston, Massachusetts, USA
  7. Miscellaneous
  8. Nudge, connects popular health tracking apps & gadgets and the people who use them in one app, Nudge, LLC, Richmond, Virginia, USA
  9. Fjuul, fitness tracker app iPhone, Fjuul Capital Oy, Sipoo, Finland
  10. Tempo Smart Calendar, Tempo AI, Inc., Mountain View, California, USA
  11. Kono, virtual scheduler, Konolabs Inc., Mountain View, California, USA
  12. Zoyo, personal shopping assistant, Bangalore, India
  13. craft ai, AI engine providing a visual editor and simple APIs to automate mobile, web and IoT apps, MASA Group, Paris, France
  14. Hashley - ironic Artificial Intelligence for your photos, app for iPhone and iPad, Elephant Enterprises LLC, New York, USA
  15. Yellow Messenger, marketplace on chat, Bitonic technology labs Inc., Bangalore, Karnataka, India
  16. Franz Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, Slack & Hipchat, Vienna, Austria
  17. Thematic domain names for sale
  18. Searching for software company