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  1. da Vinci Surgical System, a robotic surgical system, Intuitive Surgical Inc., Sunnyvale, California, USA
  2. NeuroArm, surgical robotic system, Calgary, Canada
  3. Centre for Surgical Invention & Innovation, Hamilton Ontario, Canada
  4. Phocus, robot-controlled surgical system, Aeon Scientific AG, Schlieren, Switzerland
  5. Magellan Robotic System, Magellan Robotic Catheter, Hansen Medical, Inc., Mountain View, California
  6. HIWIN Robotic Endoscope Holder MTG-H100 Series, HIWIN Technologies Corp., Taichung, Taiwan
  7. Cal-MR: Center for Automation and Learning for Medical Robotics, University of California Berkeley, Berkeley, California, USA
  8. KidsArm, robotic surgical arm specifically designed for pediatric surgery
  9. EurEyeCase, European Robotics in ophthalmologic micro-surgery, EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation - Horizon 2020, Europe
  10. Miscellaneous
  11. STIFF-FLOP, STIFFness controllable Flexible and Learn-able Manipulator for surgical OPerations, Seventh Framework Programme, Europe
  12. RAVEN Surgical Robotic System, robot-assisted tele-surgery for tele-health
  13. SurgiBot System to enhance laparoscopic surgery through robotic assistance, TransEnterix, Inc., Morrisville, North Carolina, USA
  14. MRI-compatible robotic surgery, Automation and Interventional Medicine (AIM) Lab, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
  15. Definitions
  16. A wrist for needle-sized surgical robots, Medical Engineering and Discovery Lab, Nashville, Tennessee, USA
  17. Robotic surgery from David B. Samadi
  18. ROSA (Robotized Surgical Assistant), robotic surgical device, Medtech S.A., Montpellier, France
  19. OpenSurgery
  20. Navio, robotic surgical system, Smith & Nephew plc, London, United Kingdom
  21. NiLiBoRo, robotic ear worm, Project Group for Automation in Medicine and Biotechnology, Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology and Automation IPA, Stuttgart, Germany
  22. Hamlyn Centre for Robotic Surgery, IGHI, Imperial College London, London, United Kingdom
  23. Versius, surgical robotic system, Cambridge Medical Robotics Ltd, Cambridge, United Kingdom
  24. Verb Surgical Inc., robotic surgery, Mountain View, California, USA
  25. MITIGATE, European Institute for Biomedical Imaging Research, Europe
  26. Flex Robotic System, flexible surgery robot, Medrobotics Corporation, Raynham, Massachusetts, USA
  27. MRI and Ultrasound Robotic Assisted Biopsy (MURAB) project
  28. SPORT Surgical System, Titan Medical Inc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  29. Miniaturized surgical robot, Virtual Incision, Nebraska, USA
  30. Novel surgical robotic system (NSRS), Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong
  31. Stryker Mako Robotic-Arm Assisted Surgery, Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA
  32. STAR (Smart Tissue Autonomous Robot), Sheikh Zayed Institute for Pediatric Surgical Innovation at Children’s National Health System, Washington, D.C., USA
  33. Mazor Robotics Renaissance Guidance System, Mazor Robotics Ltd., Caesarea, Israel
  34. BrightMatter, neurosurgery products, Synaptive Medical Inc., Toronto, Canada
  35. TSolution One, surgical system, THINK Surgical, Inc., Fremont, California, USA
  36. Robotic Retinal Dissection Device (R2D2), a robotic solution that assists eye surgeons in performing surgical tasks, Preceyes BV, Eindhoven, Netherlands
  37. CyberKnife M6 Series, solution for full-body robotic radiosurgery and radiation therapy, Sunnyvale, California, USA
  38. HeroSurg, robotic surgical system with sense of touch
  39. MiroSurge, robotic system for minimally invasive surgery, German Aerospace Center, Cologne, Germany
  40. Axsis, surgical robot, Cambridge Consultants, Cambridge, UK and Boston, Massachusetts, USA
  41. Low-cost mechanical device for minimally invasive surgery, FlexDex Inc., Brighton, Michigan, USA
  42. Surgical robot for cochlear implantation, Bern, Switzerland
  43. Senhance Surgical Robotic System, multi-port robotic system, TransEnterix, Inc., Morrisville, North Carolina, USA
  44. LA-ROSES – Laser Assisted Robotic Surgery of the anterior Eye Segment, ECHORD++, robotic research project, Europe
  45. Smart medical devices, Wyss Institute, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
  46. Dental implant robot, China
  47. Surgery robotics, MicroSure, Eindhoven, Netherlands