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  1. Mousr, robotic mouse, Petronics Inc., Champaign, Illinois, USA
  2. CleverPet, dog learning and game console, CleverPet, LLC, San Diego, California, USA
  3. Petcube Camera, interactive wireless pet camera, Petcube, Inc., San Francisco, California, USA
  4. iFetch family of dog toys, iFetch, iFetch Too, iFetch Frenzy, Hamill Family, Austin, Texas, USA
  5. HEXBUG Mouse Robotic Cat Toy, HEXBUG Nano Robotic Cat Toy, Innovation First International, Inc., Greenville, Texas, USA
  6. HomePlay, robotic pet toy, iPet Companion, Boise, Idaho, USA
  7. Miscellaneous
  8. Petzi Treat Cam, Petzila Inc., San Jose, California, USA
  9. Definitions
  10. Pechat, button-shaped device that “lets your stuffed animals chat”, Japan
  11. Pebby, smart collar and ball system, Sybo Tech Singapore, Singapore
  12. Laïka, dog toy, CamToy, Paris, France
  13. VARRAM, smart robot for pet, Los Angeles, California, USA