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  1. Nest Thermostat, Nest Labs, Palo Alto, California, USA
  2. ecobee, smart thermostat with remote sensor, ecobee Inc., Toronto, Canada
  3. Miscellaneous
  4. Definitions
  5. Smart Thermostat, Alarm.com, Vienna, Virginia, USA
  6. Thermostat, Netatmo, Boulogne billancourt, France
  7. iDevices Thermostat, iDevices LLC, Avon, Connecticut, USA
  8. Onelink WiFi Thermostat, First Alert, Aurora, Illinois, USA
  9. Sensi, Wi-Fi programmable thermostat, Emerson Electric Company, Ferguson, Missouri, USA
  10. Ween, smart thermostat, Aix-en-Provence, France
  11. eCozy, smart thermostat for water-radiators, Ecozy GmbH, Munich, Germany
  12. Smart thermostats, Honeywell International, Inc., Morris Plains, New Jersey, USA
  13. GLAS, Cortana-powered smart thermostat, Johnson Controls International Plc, Cork, Ireland
  14. Hive Active Thermostat, smart thermostat, Hive Connected Home, London, United Kingdom
  15. Smart thermostats, Siemens AG, Berlin and Munich, Germany
  16. Smart Thermostat, tado┬░ GmbH, home automation, Munich, Germany