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  1. Masquerade Face Tracking & 3D Effects Rendering SDK, Masquerade Technologies, Inc., Belarus
  2. Definitions
  3. Miscellaneous
  4. Windows Mixed Reality, mixed reality platform, Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, Washington, USA
  5. Pokemon GO, augmented reality mobile game
  6. Masks, augmented reality selfie, Facebook, Inc., Menlo Park, California, USA
  7. Nightmare Machine, creating gallery of nightmare images, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
  8. Virtual reality, merged reality, Project Alloy, Intel Corporation, Santa Clara, California, USA
  9. SALENTO AVR, International Conference of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Computer Graphics, Italy
  10. Thematic domain names for sale
  11. AVR Platform, EON Reality Inc., Irvine, California, USA
  12. Dell Visor, mixed reality headset, Dell Inc., Round Rock, Texas, USA
  13. Breakroom, virtual reality workspace environment, MURE VR Ltd, Reykjavík, Island
  14. Poly, online library of 3D objects, Google Inc., Mountain View, California, USA
  15. Amazon Sumerian, service for building VR, AR, and 3D applications, Seattle, Washington, United States
  16. Suggest some books
  17. Mozilla Mixed Reality