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  1. Helical Robotics, industrial robotics, Oregon, Wisconsin, USA
  2. Clearskies Aerial Robotics, aerial photo / video, aerial survey / mapping, Bacolod City, Philippines
  3. Anybots Inc., telepresence robots, San Jose, California, USA
  4. Kera-mix Ltd, demolition robots, Kresnice, Slovenia
  5. GigaPan Systems, interactive gigapixel panoramic images, Portland, Oregon, USA
  6. KMel Robotics LLC, developing high-end research platforms that push the limits of experimental robotics, USA
  7. Meka Robotics, San Francisco, California, USA
  8. Dongbu Robot Co., Ltd., industrial and service robots, Bucheon Techno Park, Bucheon, South Korea
  9. TOSY Robotics JSC, service robots, industrial robots, toys, Hanoi, Vietnam
  10. Rethink Robotics, industrial and research robots, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
  11. Redwood Robotics, San Francisco, California, USA
  12. Applied Machine Intelligence Ltd., personal, entertainment and service robots, Crowborough, United Kingdom
  13. VGo Communications, Inc., telepresence for healthcare, education, workplace, Nashua, New Hampshire, USA
  14. Intuitive Automata Inc., socially interactive robots for health care, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
  15. FLOORBOTICS, robotics cleaning industry, Austin, Texas, USA
  16. Interactive Voice Inc., smart home, Los Angeles, California, USA
  17. Tempo AI, Inc., AI apps, Menlo Park, Mountain View, California, USA
  18. MONEUAL INC., network solution, e-learning platform, robot home application, Seoul, South Korea
  19. Austramac Earth, demolition robots, Condell Park, New South Wales, Australia
  20. Orion Robotics, simple, make easy-to-use robotics products that are fun and educational, Murrieta, California, USA
  21. Surprise Toys & Gifts Co., Limited, toys & gifts trading and manufacturing, Shantou, China
  22. ROBOTRON SHOW, Moscow, Russia
  23. Robomotion SL, mobile robots for high–risk environments, Madrid, Spain
  24. Motrr, LLC, iOS-controlled robotic iPhone platform Galileo, Santa Cruz, California, USA
  25. Robotic Innovations, turnkey robot systems, support new and existing robotic systems, Brampton, Ontario, Canada
  26. CastAR, Inc., augmented reality, virtual reality, wearables, Seattle, Washington, USA
  27. Monsieur, LLC, artificially intelligent robotic bartender, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  28. Unbounded Robotics, mobile manipulation platforms, personal robotics research, Menlo Park, California, USA
  29. XYZBot LLC, robotic toys, Denver, Colorado, USA
  30. Pleiades Robotics Inc., drones, Halifax, Canada
  31. Fits.me, developer and provider of virtual fitting room solutions, robot mannequin, London, United Kingdom
  32. Interactive Motion Technologies (IMT), robotic tools for neurorehabilitation, Watertown, Massachusetts, USA
  33. Revolve Robotics, desktop telepresence robots, San Francisco, California, USA
  34. QBotix Inc., robots in the operation of solar power plants, Menlo Park, California, USA
  35. Flying Gadgets Ltd., retailing remote controlled toys, London, Edgware, United Kingdom
  36. TellApart, Inc., predictive analytics and machine learning techniques to online shopping, Burlingame, California, USA
  37. NaviRobot LLC, hardware and software solutions in the field of service robotics, Moscow, Russia
  38. Induct Technology, automotive systems and robotics, electric autonomous driverless vehicles, Croissy sur Seine, France
  39. Koubachi AG, interactive plant care assistant, smart home appliances, Zurich, Switzerland
  40. Sen.se, Internet of Things, France
  41. Minirobots S.L., educational robotics, Erandio, Biscay, Basque Country, Spain
  42. SoftKinetic International SA/NV, provider of end-to-end, 3D vision for PCs, portable electronics and machines, Brussels, Belgium
  43. Robosoft, mobile robotics, Bidart, France
  44. Vishwa Robotics, small drones with legs, Brighton, Massachusetts, USA
  45. Unclebob Robotics, robotic services, robot rental, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong
  46. UAVision, Development of UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems), Torres Vedras, Portugal
  47. Fuelmatics Systems AB, robotic fueling system, Automatic Refueling System, ARS, Stockholm, Sweden
  48. Nameless Interactions LLC, voice controlled home automation system, State College, Pennsylvania, USA
  49. Tandemech Engineering, robotic driving platforms that can scale the tallest structures, San Francisco, California, USA
  50. Studio diip C.V., image recognition technology, Leerdam, The Netherlands
  51. Meta, smart glasses, augmented reality, Los Altos Hills, California, USA
  52. CybAero AB, autonomous unmanned helicopters, Linkoping, Sweden
  53. Robots Alive Consulting Pvt Ltd, robotics and automation solutions for manufacturing and packaging, Karnataka, India
  54. Titan Aerospace, manufacturer of solar-powered Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), Moriarty, New Mexico, USA
  55. Tovbot Inc., personal robotic musician, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  56. Syntheligence, social robotics, Paris, France
  57. Hands Company s.r.l.s., personal robots, Milano, Italy
  58. Matrix Robotics, educational robotics, Beijing, China
  59. Airo Health, wearables, activity-tracking wristbands, Kitchener, Canada
  60. BASIS Science, Inc., smart wearables, San Francisco, California, USA
  61. Geak, smart wearables, China
  62. Vigilant Inc., healthcare, medical smart wearables, Lausanne, Switzerland
  63. Gamma 2 Robotics, Inc., autonomous security robots, Denver, Colorado, USA
  64. Seraphim Sense Ltd., smart wearables, Herzliya, Israel
  65. Entact Robotics Inc., provider of robotics solutions for education, medical industries, Guelph, Ontario, Canada
  66. Sensible Baby, Inc, wearables, baby monitors, Somerville, Massachusetts, USA
  67. Kernerworks, complex trauma simulation mannequins for the US Army, Tower, Minneapolis, USA
  68. Aesynt Inc., integrated pharmacy automation solutions, Cranberry Township, Butler County, Pennsylvania
  69. iControl Networks, Inc., connected home technology, smart home, Internet of Things, Redwood City, California, USA
  70. Robot Industries Ltd, small robots that teaches someone with zero programming knowledge how to program, London, United Kingdom
  71. Gostai, telepresence robots, Paris, France
  72. Stork (formerly Romotive), Inc., robotic hardware and software, San Francisco, California, USA
  73. Gofor, drones on demand, San Francisco, California, USA
  74. Jawbone, wireless products, wearable products, San Francisco, California, USA
  75. ZeGo Robotics, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
  76. Fabule Fabrications Inc., smart domestic devices, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  77. Scanadu, Moffett Field, California, USA
  78. HealthSpot, integration of telehealth and primary care, telemedicine, Dublin, Ohio, USA
  79. Martian Watches, smartwatches, Irvine, California, USA
  80. Empire Robotics, Inc., robot grippers and automation components, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
  81. WittyWorX LLP, consumer robotics, Eersel, Netherlands
  82. Orchid Robotics, robotics software, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
  83. Lumafit Inc., health and wellness technology company, Dublin, Ireland and San Francisco, California, USA
  84. Vertisense Inc., connected sensor technologies for non-invasive measurement of human conditions, New York, USA
  85. Cubotix, San Francisco, California, USA
  86. Recon Instruments, Heads-up Display (HUD) technology for sports, Vancouver, Canada
  87. metaio GmbH, augmented reality solutions, Munich, Germany
  88. A.R.O. Inc., turns sensor data into contextual intelligence you can use, Seattle, Washington, USA
  89. ProtoGeo Oy, Helsinki, Finland
  90. FlyKly, Inc., ZeHuS s.r.l., smart accessories for bicycles, Milan, Italy
  91. Sproutling, baby monitors, San Francisco, California, USA
  92. G-NIUS Unmanned Ground Systems (UGS) LTD, Yokneam, Israel
  93. Control VR Team, provider of inertial motion capture systems for consumer applications with VR, AR, robotics, Los Angeles, California, USA
  94. Bug Juggler LLC, entertainment robotics, SF Bay Area, California, USA
  95. Arrow Technologies Inc., smart wearables, Toronto, Canada
  96. Zillians Inc., cloud computing, New Taipei City, Taiwan
  97. 42ARK, smart things for pets, San Mateo, California, USA
  98. Richters working Robots, Stuttgart, Germany
  99. Truvolo Inc., well-connected car solution, San Jose, California, USA
  100. Penta Robotics, parallel robotics, Hague Area, Netherlands
  101. Skully Helmets, Inc., makers of Smart Heads Up Display Helmets, San Francisco, California, USA
  102. Ringly Inc., smart jewelry and accessories, New York, USA
  103. Vinaya Technologies Ltd., smart jewellery, Shoreditch, London, United Kingdom
  104. Armadillo Aerospace, aerospace, reusable rocket powered vehicles, Mesquite, Texas, USA
  105. Kreyos Inc., smart wearables, San Francisco, California, USA
  106. Meta Watch, Ltd., smartwatches, Dallas, Texas, USA
  107. Pinner Creek Group, LLC, smart wearables and apps, New York, USA
  108. Bubl Technology Inc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  109. Lumo BodyTech, smart wearables, Palo Alto, California, USA
  110. Vergence Labs, Inc., smart wearables, human–machine interface, Los Angeles, California, USA
  111. OptoForce Ltd., multi-axis, silicone force sensors, Budapest, Hungary
  112. Momentum Labs LLC, smart wearables, Athens, Ohio, USA
  113. Hello Inc., smart things, San Francisco, California, USA
  114. Aericam, Inc., professional flying camera manufacture, San Francisco, California, USA
  115. AirDroids, Inc., hardware and software technology for drones and UAVs, Washington, DC, USA
  116. Scion UAS LLC, unmanned aerial systems, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA
  117. Robai Corporation, consumer, research, educational robotics, lightweight systems, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
  118. KAWABUCHI Mechanical Engineering Laboratory, Inc., experimental robots, robot hands, Ohta-ku, Tokyo, Japan
  119. Torquing Group Ltd, robotics, electronics, programming, Pembrokeshire, Wales, United Kingdom
  120. MecklerMedia Corporation, produces global trade shows and online publications on 3D printing, robotics, New York
  121. MetaMind Inc., state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence solutions for enterprises, powered by Deep Learning, Palo Alto, California, USA
  122. Astro, Inc., smart home devices, New York, USA
  123. Cargo, IoT platform for the car, Portland, Oregon, USA
  124. Veari, smart wearables, Shenzhen, China
  125. RoboDynamics Corp., personal robotics, telepresence, Santa Monica, California, USA
  126. Alcatel-Lucent S.A., telecommunications equipment, Boulogne-Billancourt, France
  127. gtrobotics, agroindustrial robotics, Perth, WA, Western Australia, Australia
  128. The Eye Tribe, eye control for the mass market, Copenhagen, Denmark
  129. ZF TRW Automotive, automotive systems, modules and components, Livonia, Michigan, USA
  130. Catopsys, immersive technologies in virtual reality, Clermont-Ferrand, France
  131. Sulon Technologies Inc., augmented virtual reality, Toronto, Canada
  132. Viawear Inc., smart wearables, Albany, California, USA
  133. KiLife Tech, smart wearables, Orem, Utah, USA
  134. iDAvatars Inc. (formerly Geppetto Avatars), virtual assistants, Mequon, Wisconsin, USA
  135. RailPod, Inc., robotic rail track inspection systems, Somerville, Massachusetts, USA
  136. Bionic Robotics GmbH, bioinspired robot arms, Darmstadt, Germany
  137. vision.ai, LLC, computer vision, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
  138. Seabear GmbH, manufactures sophisticated dive computers, head up displays, Leoben, Austria
  139. Precise Path Robotics, Inc., robotic vehicles for golf, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
  140. AITIA International, Inc., Budapest, intelligent applications , speech technoogy, Hungary
  141. Cyborg.ai, Inc., connecting people with technology, Los Angeles, California, USA
  142. gomtec GmbH, mechatronic systems, lightweight robots, Seefeld, Germany
  143. AlchemyAPI, Inc., smart applications that understand customer needs, predict behavior, Denver, Colorado, USA
  144. Darta Systems LLC, smart wearables, Moscow, Russia
  145. Quanttus, smart wearables, health care, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
  146. Vision Robotics Corporation (VRC), robotics solutions, vision-based systems, San Diego, California, USA
  147. Quarkson, Internet available to every person on earth through its SkyOrbiter platforms, Barreiro, Portugal
  148. Search Systems Ltd., search and rescue camera deployment systems, Craigavon, United Kingdom
  149. Zonoff, Inc., home automation, Malvern, Pennsylvania, USA
  150. Party Robotics, cocktail dispensing robots, San Luis Obispo, California, USA
  151. Ashima Devices, Inc., small-scale drones, Pasadena, California, USA
  152. RoboteX, Inc., ground personal robots for safety, Sunnyvale, California, USA
  153. Orbis Robotics Inc., telepresence robots, Encinitas, California, USA
  154. Zeaplus Tech, smartphones, smart wearables, China
  155. iPet Companion, robotic pet toys, Boise, Idaho, USA
  156. Lexy LLC, robotics, Moscow, Russia
  157. M-Tecks ROBOTICS, video inspection and investigation robots, Saint-Pantaleon-de-Larche, France
  158. Evotion SAS, robotics, advertising, Lyon, France
  159. Still Human, robotics, Paris, Franse
  160. Dronesmith Technologies, aerial robots for scientific and industrial use, Henderson, Nevada, USA
  161. Olio Devices, Inc., smart wearables, San Francisco, California, USA
  162. Tooso Inc., in-site search, data analysis, Milan Area, Italy
  163. Cypromus, Inc., home security, Seattle, Washington, USA
  164. Pionics Robotics, Townsville, Australia
  165. MagnebotiX AG, magnetic manipulation systems, micromagnetic agents, Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Systems, Zurich, Switzerland
  166. Service Robotics & Technologies (SRT), robotics, Washington, DC, USA
  167. Seguel Robotics, educational robotics, Santiago, Chile
  168. Exploride, Inc., Columbia, Maryland, United States
  169. BioInspired Technologies, LLC, Boise, Idaho, USA
  170. Advance Robotix Corp., robotic hardware and software, drones, Miami, Florida, USA
  171. XLABS, artificial intelligence, big data, New York, USA
  172. Cannybots Ltd, robotic toys, Royston, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
  173. ViDi Systems, deep learning-based software, image analysis, Fribourg, Switzerland
  174. Polyera Corporation, flexible electronics, Skokie, Illinois, USA
  175. Vocal IQ plc, machine learning integrated with conversational voice technology, Cambridge, United Kingdom
  176. Tribe.do, personal assistants, Chicago, Illinois, USA
  177. Adawarp, telepresence virtual reality technology, San Francisco, California, USA
  178. The Ortho Remedy Inc., prosthetic and orthotic laboratory, Cliffside Park, New Jersey, USA
  179. Teforia Co., smart tea preparation technology, Mountain View, California, USA
  180. Futura Robotics LLC, medical robotics, Los Gatos, California, USA
  181. Smarty Crew, smart toys, Paris, France
  182. Sensai Corporation, data science, Palo Alto, California, USA
  183. Bistrobot, sandwich-making robots, San Francisco, California, USA
  184. Rainbow Co., mechatronics, robotics, Daejeon, Korea
  185. Addibots, LLC, robotics and 3D printing, New York, USA
  186. International Climbing Machines (ICM), small, remote-controlled devices which could climb vertical surface, Ithaca, New York, USA
  187. Weave.ai, software, London, United Kingdom
  188. Wondermento Inc., apps and connected devices, London, United Kingdom
  189. Emotient, Inc., emotion detection and sentiment analysis, San Diego, California, USA
  190. Area-I, Inc., drones, Kennesaw, Georgia, USA
  191. MakerBloks, educational robotics, Montreal, Canada
  192. FinVR, Inc., financial services, St. Charles, Missouri, USA
  193. Modern Robotics Inc., educational robotics, Miami, Florida, USA
  194. Silk Labs, smart home, San Mateo, California, USA
  195. Intel Nervana, custom hardware for deep learning, San Diego, California, USA
  196. Recreate Robotics Inc., sports robots, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  197. Broad Listening, research and reporting, San Jose, California, USA
  198. Botego, intelligent virtual agents, mobile assistants, chatbots, New York, USA
  199. Zabaware, Inc., chat bots, Erie, Pennsylvania, USA
  200. United Sciences, LLC, hole scanning and imaging solutions, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  201. Varden Labs, developing self-driving shuttles, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
  202. Robomotive Laboratories LLC, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
  203. AerialGuard, drones, Israel
  204. KnuEdge Inc., machine intelligence technology, San Diego, California, USA
  205. SpeedX Cycling, cycling industry, Beijing, China
  206. BuddyGuard Gmbh, smart home, Berlin, Germany
  207. Jaybridge Robotics, vehicle automation for heavy equipment applications, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
  208. Steno, Inc., AI personal assitants, New York, USA
  209. BYOR Lab, Mountain View, California, USA
  210. Navdy, Inc., mixed reality, vehicle intelligence, San Francisco, California, USA
  211. Aliens by Daria, Inc., computer technology and artificial intelligence, London, United Kingdom
  212. Cambridge Analytica, big data analytics, campaign management, London, United Kingdom
  213. Boltt Sports Technologies Pvt Ltd, smart wearables, Delhi, India
  214. Acumen Robot Intelligence Inc., drones, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, Irvine, California, USA
  215. CAD.ai LTD, Smart API Platform for CAD/CAM, Ogdensburg, New York, USA
  216. Neodriven, making your car smarter, California, USA
  217. Doppler Labs, Inc., audio technology, San Francisco, California, USA