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  1. Why don't more women use sex dolls? Why are men addicted to it?

    From an objective point of view, the weight of the doll itself is the main factor for women. The weight of the realistic sex doll is generally 75 to 115 pounds. The weight of the doll is difficult for them to move as they want during sex. In addition, the patriarchy brought about by history is still an undeniable trace of existence. Most women are very shy when talking about this topic.

    On the other hand, subjective factors are unquestionable. Psychological research has shown that ...
  2. Sex dolls can fill the void you created

    Being aware of being accompanied is a potential relief.In fact, we have been looking for companions since childhood.Although the realistic sex doll is silent, it gives new meaning to him. When you believe they are listening, your complaint is valuable.

    How does the void comes when we neglect ourselves, we deprive ourselves of what we need: attention, consideration, care, support, assurance, connection, encouragement and love.

    Then we tend to help others. We mistakenly ...
  3. Why are life-size dolls so expensive? Where is the huge price difference?

    There are 88,000 physical dolls in the European and American versions, and roughly 70-80,000 physical realistic sex dolls in Japan. Even the slightly cheaper TPE sex dolls cost about 10,000. Where are the physical dolls? Why is the price difference between foreign and domestic products so far?

    The main business model of TPE dolls is the traditional supply + agent sales model. The manufacturer is only responsible for dumping to the market with high output, quantity and low profit. ...
  4. Will real human sex dolls cause sexual assault fantasy

    Feminist opposition to sex dolls is not a day or two. There has also been a controversy over feminist opposition to sex doll brothels in Paris recently. They believe that sex doll brothels will trigger sexual assault fantasies.

    This starts with a realistic sex doll brothel or custom shop opened in Paris at the beginning of the year. As the name suggests, these life-size sex dolls, which are quite close to real women, triggered protests from this group. They petition the government ...
  5. A way to deal with loneliness - sex dolls

    As we become an increasingly developed country, I can feel the collective loneliness [increasing] in society. Everyone is alone.

    Although not everyone must use Tpe sex doll. This is just a way to deal with loneliness. It can be a useful tool, even a friend of people... having Realistic sex dolls, not public affairs is a personal choice.

    They can also order dolls to have a friend's face or a child's face. This sounds terrible, but it is undeniable that it exists in life, ...
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