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  1. The inflatable doll finally entered the 21st century

    But the question is whether they will make women sexually redundant. Marchelle Abrahams report

    She looks like you – if she wants, she looks like Angelina Jolie – and worse, with a silky shave, she feels like you. Oh, she can bend like a pretzel.
    Women everywhere are in trouble.

    The explosion of the angry teen movie has evolved. Bridget is known as the Love Doll and is made of 100% silicone.

    We can only say thank you, she is not cheap.
  2. les dommages rendent votre real dolls

    Vous pourrez peut-être aussi nous renvoyer votre sexe dolls pour réparation. Contactez-nous et nous vous informerons s'il existe un tel choix. Dans ce cas, nous pouvons vous demander de nous envoyer la poupée ou de vous envoyer une pièce de rechange.

    Si votre poupée ne peut pas être réparée, vous devez la jeter. C'est une mauvaise nouvelle, mais cela signifie que vous pouvez commencer à acheter des alternatives. Voici quelques informations importantes sur la disposition des ...
  3. Sex dolls to solve social problems

    In fact, sex dolls may become a solution to social problems. Although this sounds incredible. India and China are typical examples. When gender imbalances intensify, those who are poor in the family will become very anxious, increase social instability and crime, and trigger a series of social problems.

    Buying and selling marriages, abducting women, defrauding marriages, buying prostitution, rape, and sexual diseases will become more serious, especially the proportion of sexual crimes ...
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  4. Is The Sex Doll Model Anatomically Correct?

    Some customers have joined the doll forum online

    In 1997, he was a sculptor. Where he saw a surrealist GYNOID doll, the occasional onlookers saw a potential sexual partner. Therefore, they asked the founder that the human model was anatomically correct, which inspired the creation of his company, which was originally called “Abyss Creation”.

    The product is a customizable 100cm sex doll with no brain ...

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  5. Future robots you can't imagine

    First of all, we must make clear that sexual robots are an inanimate object, at least in the last few decades, the birth of sexual robots. This is a condition for many people that realistic sex dolls cannot be recognized. Especially for countries and regions with conservative ideas, sex dolls are taboo. They believe that God creates men and women for sexual gratification, and that using an inanimate object is immoral. Sexual robots can also be dangerous, and they may be used as agents to perform ...
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