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  1. Tips on sex doll cleaning

    General cleaning: If the love doll accidentally gets stains or dust, you can try to wipe it with a damp towel and shower gel. If you encounter stains that cannot be removed by shower gel, you can try to use cleansing oil to remove it. If you can’t even remove it If you wipe it off, it may be stained. We will talk about staining later. When the dirty area of the doll is relatively large, you can also consider taking the doll to take a bath. In terms of water temperature, the temperature that we ...
  2. sind Silikon-Love Doll die besten

    Wenn wir uns der Ankündigung reifer Sexroboter nähern, werden wir gleichzeitig auch Entwicklungen auf dem neuesten Stand der Sexpuppentechnologie wahrnehmen. Die meisten Hauptqualitäten von Sexrobotern werden in WM Doll angewendet, um sie realistischer zu gestalten.

    Hier sind die neuesten Sexpuppentrends, die wir auf dem Weg zum Jahr 2018 am meisten erwarten.

    Da es sich bei dem Sexpuppengeschäft um ein Online-Unternehmen handelt, prüfen Sie immer, ob die Website ...
  3. How to distinguish the quality of sex dolls?

    There are also many realistic sex doll on the market. These sex doll are different in quality, good and bad, which makes it difficult to distinguish. Many buyers who do not understand dolls will buy inferior dolls, so how do we distinguish the quality of physical dolls?
    Let’s talk about how to distinguish the pros and cons of these sex doll:

    First of all, we start from the material. The material of the physical doll is silicone, which is relatively elastic and soft. The color ...
  4. Tpe sex dolls' maintenance 03 - makeup

    The head shape of the realistic sex doll is very beautiful, not only the outline is good, but also the post-makeup is applied before leaving the factory, and it is made of silicone paint, so the face makeup will not easily fall off, but it will gradually fade over time. It should be noted that when using and cleaning, do not wipe the face too hard. Do not wipe the face too hard. Too much will cause the makeup to fade and the eyelashes will fall off because it is difficult to repair.

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  5. Sex doll shopping guide

    Realistic sex doll,One is tpe and the other is silica gel. The craftsmanship is similar. Don’t worry, tpe is relatively rough in the hand (you can wear clothes and stockings), oil will be released in the later period, and there will be peculiar smell in the later period, and the price is relatively cheap. The silicone feels relatively smooth, has no peculiar smell, and is more expensive. There is also platinum silicone, which is more resistant to aging, high temperature and environmental protection ...
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