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  1. Understanding Files

    In the Desktop directory, as shown in the above example, there are 23 files and 7 directories, representing different file types. In Windows, you are familiar with files having icons that help represent the file type. In the command line, the same thing is accomplished by the file extensions. For example, "forum posts.txt" is a text file because it has a .txt file extension. Time.mp3 is an MP3 music file and minecraft.exe is an executable file.

    Listing of file extensions ...
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  2. Things you don't know about wigs-sex doll wig care

    If you have bought a solid silicone doll, you must have a tough story with her wig. The doll needs us to maintain it,and the wig is no exception.You want less trouble from the wig, then you can tie all your doll's hair, but this is not once and for all. We still have to clean the wig regularly. I mean no one can stand the hair without washing for two months.

    Generally, the wigs we receive are given at random, so it is conceivable that if you do not plan to change, please take good ...
  3. Will you accept Interactive Sex Dolls?

    As people's needs increase, the variety of AI has gradually increased. Scientists

    have developed realistic sex dolls with AI. It can even have the emotions of people.

    Whether you like the combination of AI and the sex toy market, the era of sex robots

    is coming to us.

    It has 12 personality traits, including innocence, kindness, sexiness, friendliness,

    shyness and more.

    An artificial intelligence doll with ...
  4. What have changed your sex habit?

    In the long river of human life, sex comes from human instinct. We always desire to love ,sex but without response. While in nowadays, we own everything , wife, suites, work, but we still get less satisfaction and being freaking out easily. We do have so much lust. But how does it comes. Life may be lonely.
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    According to surveys online, celebration of festivals is still the main driving force to sex toys. Especially on love days and some other traditional ...
  5. Will robotic and AI lead to more people choosing singles and even a decline in human fertility?

    First of all, we should be clear that even the best sex dolls and even high-tech simulation robots can't compare with real humans. The most interesting relationship between people is the brain that we can't copy, every real individual. Make this world even more exciting. Because the future is expected because of the unknown.
    Furthermore, the factors affecting fertility are multifaceted, and many aspects are not something we can control. If it really affects fertility, it is not necessarily ...
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