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  1. Every time the sexual confusion and choices appear

    The sexual function of each realistic sex doll truly reflects the inner world of these real sex doll lovers. They spend a lot of money on their love dolls, not only for sex, but also for building relationships with sex dolls. For some people, sex dolls are their only companion, they may have their own special hobbies, or suffer the sorrow of widowhood and divorce. Some of them will naturally integrate these life size dolls into their lives and social circles, while others require us to give more ...

    Updated 24th March 2020 at 08:25 by qiouxdoll

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  2. Shortage of sex dolls for UK and US clients

    Western sex dolls are all shipped from Chinese factories

    Protective Equipment

    Coronavirus shuts down factories and stops production in China, resulting in a shortage of sex dolls for UK and US customers. The sex doll industry in Britain and the United States has reportedly been hit hard by the corona virus outbreak. Almost all the anime sex doll in the West are shipped from Chinese factories, but now the delivery volume has dropped significantly. She said the service ...
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