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  1. Oil Tank Level Monitoring IoT Solution

    The monitoring of levels of Oil tanks, used in either in extraction points, short term storage units, refineries, distribution, results in enhanced transparency into the inventory levels. Biz4Intellia's IoT Solution for Oil Tank Level Monitoring capture real-time production data from embedded sensors, process the data into information on the IoT Platform and provide the relevant information to the users on its mobile/web app.

    Biz4Intellia’s IoT Solution lets you monitor all of your ...
  2. Sex Dolls Can Do Anything According To Customer Requirements

    These companies offer various sex doll models

    These companies offer a variety of models-from traditional women to men to the latest transgender products. The spokesman said: There are all kinds of sexual behaviors, so we want to represent this with a variety of Pregnant sex doll. Customers can choose the features of their dolls-choose body shape, skin tone, hair color, and breast and penis size.

    Eight years ago, I decided to make ...
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  3. Which country's consumers most often search for sex toys online?

    Guess which country's consumers most often search for sex toys online?

    Consumers around the world buy a variety of sex toys, and according to the World Sex Toy Rankings, consumers in some countries prefer sex toys more than others. Vouchercloud ranks this ranking based on how often people in each country search for sex toys.

    Research reveals that Danish consumers search sex toys most often online. For every 1,000 Internet users, 118 Danish consumers search for love ...
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