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  1. As Sex Doll Production Becomes So Advanced

    When I show the world a picture of a sex doll

    "She has changed a lot. At first this was hard to accept, but then I got used to it." That was a real clinic with a real doctor. "It plans to produce" surreal "dolls in China, thereby increasing the number of its AI girlfriends. But as the production of pregnant sex doll has become so advanced, it says some people have transformed from human companions to robot companions. ...
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  2. Long Term Storage for TPE – Dos and Dont’s

    Usually, the lifelike sex dolls only take up space at home, so if you want to box it and put it in the attic, maybe you will use it one day, but if you want to store it well, you need to pay attention to its matters.

    Seal it in an airtight bag or let it breathe?
    Whether to put it back in the factory box or other things to consider?
    Is the temperature in the loft high? Is this a problem?
    Because realistic sex dolls made of TPE or silicone are thermoplastic materials, ...
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