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  1. What is the Benefits of Contour Annotations While Creating Image Training Data Sets for AI or ML?

    Image data sets annotated with Contour annotations definitely have some benefits. Actually, this method of annotation allows you to place contour labels on the contour plots and represent the numerical value of entire contour line.
    Contour Annotations Benefits for Image Data Sets
    The best part of this tool is output of this tool is a group layer and contains the input contour features, the annotation layers and the mask polygons in images.
    Contours label automatically as ...
  2. All you want to know about sex doll care

    Wear/tearI found that brent was right in the department, and the TPE sex dolls' tears didn't seem so easy, but I was already a little bruised.Never wear tight jeans or tight, coarse clothing.If you rub with clothing and don't have enough powder, you can not only create indentation, but also "peel" the skin.It happened to me, and it caused certain areas to fall off.I'm now sure it's super soft cotton or silk.I can't say leather.storeDo not store the doll flat on the back, legs flat and ...