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  1. Why sex doll brothels have more and more sex robots?

    Since the advent of special products, the demand for their robots has been increasing.

    For the needs of customers with cash shortages, Swiss brothels decided to replace female employees with sex robots, so that customers with cash shortages could also seek cheap incentives.

    But many customers have different opinions on this: sex dolls can never replace human contacts

    This is just the worship of some men. Not all men can accept plastic lovers. Smart sex ...
  2. Focus On Life-size TPE Sex Doll

    Sleeping with his Japanese sex doll every night

    "Daily Star" revealed that he plans to release a sex robot using "AI chest" breathing. I can't imagine that GYNOID doll completely replaced prostitutes. I can't really comment on the wishes of the client, but I know that many bettors want more than sex. Sex dolls are not a substitute for person-to-person contact. He explained that he was bored with the complex relationship with real women, so he bought a life-size ...
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