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  1. sex Doll Can Meet People's Needs

    People may choose to stay in sex dolls

    She started begging me to enter her (I can't believe it). By the time I was her, she was complaining, and she kept shouting "Don't stop." I've been struggling, beating her like I've been practicing, she loves it. I was as hard and tough as the precious Japanese sex doll I got from it.

    These men also like to show off their sex doll to other forum users. Sex dolls ...
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  2. Why sex robots should be legally bound?

    As AI and robotics advance, more realistic sex doll robots are produced, and gender-based violence is likely to increase.Ever since sex robots made headlines and became adult products, the demand for robots has been increasing. Sex robots are also one of the fastest growing industries today.

    Studies have shown that men who suffer from violent pornography are more likely to commit violence against women in their lives. Actual sexual relationships are more enjoyable than pornographic ...