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  1. Don't miss your fantasy sex doll

    If you don't have a realistic sex doll, then do it immediately, because it can satisfy all your wildest fantasies. If you recently bought a sex doll, congratulations, you invested in the right place. Sexual models can provide true companionship and sexual satisfaction. Even for those who have a good relationship, sex dolls may help them. It will enable you to try the roughest pose.

    If you use sex dolls for a long time, you must know where and how to buy realistic sex doll toys. On ...
  2. How to use sex toys safely and healthily

    Sex toys and sex dolls have developed rapidly in recent years and have gradually become a novel and fashionable lifestyle. Try to choose medical-grade high-grade soft silicone, which fits the skin and has a real feel.
    Read the product manual first, understand the usage and precautions, especially the sex toys that enter the body, and be sure to understand whether the item is waterproof, manual or electric or other purposes.
    It is best to choose when the body is in good condition. When ...
  3. The future of sex dolls

    At present, the main sales markets and manufacturers of realistic sex doll on the market are mainly concentrated in Japan, Europe and the United States. Since the last century, the physical doll industry in my country has been mainly based on the foundry of foreign doll companies. After OEM for foreign dolls, Began to develop and produce their own dolls. In the 21st century, entity dolls of domestic brands such as DSDOLL and WMDOLLS appeared. After experiencing the original copycat and imitation, ...
  4. How does the material of the tpe sex doll feel?

    What are the tpe sex doll made of? Why are physical dolls so expensive? I don’t think you know why. Then follow me to learn about the material of the physical doll and the difficulty of the production process.
    Generally speaking, it takes at least 4~5 days for us to make a physical doll, but some specially-made realistic sex dolls require more time because they are customized in advance and have more requirements. Why are physical dolls so expensive? One is the high production cost, and the ...
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  5. Arten von Lebensechte Sexpuppen wurden hergestellt

    Es gab eine Geschichte, die besagt, dass es die spanischen Seeleute waren, die anfangs mit der Idee auftauchten. Gelangweilt, Schatz und einsam auf ihren langen Reisen in ferne Gebiete begannen sie zu masturbieren. Nach einiger Zeit konnte das Masturbieren den Wunsch, einer Frau nahe zu sein, nicht lindern.

    Das Wichtigste, was Sie beim Kauf einer Real Doll für Männer beachten sollten, ist, dass es sich wirklich um ein Spielzeug für Frauen handeln kann, das den größten Einfluss ...
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