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  1. Do real dolls better than real women?

    On the softness level, silica gel or tpe is softer and more elastic than meat.
    As long as the lubricating oil is almost no difference, even if it is a small amount of lubricating oil, it is not comfortable.
    Compared with the advantages of real people, it is convenient, cheap, hygienic, and can choose channels without lines.
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    Disadvantages TPE silicone has a long life and will become hard, easy to get dust, not easy to hide, not easy to care, ...
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  2. What do you think about transgender dolls

    As early as 2017, the actual first transgender sex doll was launched. 2% -6% of boys and 5% -12% of girls in the world do not agree with their natural biological gender, showing different gender characteristics from their biological gender. Their gender identity is different from social expectations.

    The real doll is based on the story of trans girl Jazz Jennings. The purpose of the toy maker is to hope for a hero who can promote social reform, and she happens to be a brave, smart, ...
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  3. Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting Sex Dolls

    1. Don't choose a TPE Sex Doll that is too heavy for you
    Think about your strength and weight, because full-size dolls have metal skeletons, so they are very heavy. When you find it difficult to move, you will want a light and movable doll.

    2. Do you want her to stand
    Although a sex doll cannot balance itself like a human, but if you want it to maintain a standing position, it is necessary to buy a standing Sex Doll with a through-skeleton skeleton. However, the disadvantage ...
  4. When you unbox your new sex doll

    If you buy a full-size sex doll on an e-commerce website, then you may receive a box or case like this. As you can see, usually the doll will arrive in a completely brown box without any markings. The general transportation company will not disclose the contents.

    Different manufacturers have different packaging methods. These realistic sex dolls are well packaged. You can see from the picture below that the dolls are packed in a box and there are various different items that arrive ...
  5. Do we need love and sex to live longer?

    Not everyone sees sex so important, whether it is a partner or a single person. However, whether it is true feelings can arouse people's hormones.
    Sex is a very important thing in relationships, but in relationships, this is not the only thing we care about. After all, we all want to be a special one for others.
    Sternberg explains the three elements of perfect love in his interpretation of perfect love: intimacy, passion and commitment. The element of passion mainly refers to the romantic ...
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