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  1. Japanese Silicone Real Doll Exhibition

    As we all know, Japan Oriental Industry is the authoritative manufacturer of sex dolls. Not only does it have amazing simulations, but the achievements in aesthetics are also worthy of recognition. As early as 2016, Oriental Industrial Silicone Doll Production Co., Ltd. made the anime beauty of Japanese painters into full-size dolls, and exhibited an exhibition called “Artificial Beauty Art Museum” in the gallery.

    It is not difficult to produce a high-simulation doll, but how ...
  2. St. Petersburg Ushered In A Legal Brothel

    To be precise, it is a sex doll hotel that accepts at least 3,000 customers a year and has an annual turnover of more than 15 million rubles. But despite the high popularity, you can't find the exact location of the hotel because Google will recognize and block the content with sex, which makes the promotion of this hotel have certain problems. But it has a franchise in Spain. As we all know, Barcelona, ​​Spain is one of the first cities to open a doll brothel. There are different types of dolls: ...
  3. First Androids has created a sex doll that breathes and has a pulse

    The sex shop is full of various items to enhance sex life. The most striking of them is the life size sex doll. A German company called First Androids has created a sex doll that breathes and has a pulse. A retired aircraft engineer in Germany recently created a machine doll that is very similar to a real person. Not only does the skin feel like a real person, but the doll's breathing, heartbeat and body temperature can also change with the intensity of the action.

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  4. Sex Dolls Are Mistaken for Real Things

    Sex dolls have a huge market

    The first sex doll brothel owner in the UK claimed that the escorts in real life were "fear" that he would let them go bankrupt. He said that he even tried sex dolls himself. In a radio interview, the boss of the unnamed urdolls said instead He is working on a “try before buying” plan.

    Success: walking, talking, silicone sex doll are the latest sex industry hotspots. Sex dolls are hired for £100 an hour, and he admits that ...
  5. The best way to remove TPE doll's stain

    We all know that soap and water can only move some of the stains on the surface of the realistic sex doll, but in fact these stains are only present on the surface in another less obvious state. Not only do they not fall off, they also leave a layer of mushy on the surface to be cleaned. But we found a product that completely eliminates traces of stains, although this may have some side effects for your sex dolls. If you consider this method, please be cautious. Find odorless mineral spirits in ...
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