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  1. How to Choose Pre Shipment Inspection China

    An inspection is completed on a part of your shipment and part of the company's facility. Even though the factors for inspection can differ, most shipments don't have delays as a consequence of a pre-shipment inspection. So here are some of my insights into when it is less likely to be necessary. The inspection is done. It ensures that the production is in accordance with the specifications, purchase orders or letters of credit. Pre shipment inspection is also referred to as Pre-loading survey. ...
  2. AI based Stock Charting Software Solutions

    Our custom AI stock charting analysis software solutions let you take almost any condition, not just trading signals. It helps you define a right market scan to let you know when that condition has occurred in any instrument. You can even generate orders from such scans. Our stock market charting solution helps to search hundreds of stocks & futures according to in-built queries as well as user-defined criteria on a real-time and EOD basis. You can see scan results in Live Grid and add other ...