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  1. 4 IoT Benefits for Precise, Digital, and Smart Agriculture

    The advent of IoT is considered the point through which the farming sector will take a dramatic transformation. Internet of Things offers several benefits in cultivation that helps farmers to grow a high yield of healthy crops.
    In the current digital era, the implementation of IoT in farms is vital because of the benefits it offers in terms of cost reduction and optimum utilization of assets. Furthermore, IoT will act as a driving force that will facilitate the production of crops for the ...
  2. How to maintain the flexibility of TPE dolls?

    In order to maintain and prolong the life of TPE sex dolls, you can apply baby oil on the whole body of the doll at least once a month (baby oil will be absorbed within 30-60 minutes). Use a cotton towel or makeup brush.

    This will help the TPE maintain its original flexibility, the tactile experience will benefit, and the TPE's resistance to tensile cracking. Stretches on the legs and armpits also require extra care: apply petroleum jelly or Nivea cream weekly. These may take 6-12 ...
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