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  1. A Complete Guide for IoT Based Pest Detection with its Benefits

    It is important for a farm owner to control and remove pests from its field to ensure crop health. The advent of IoT in the agriculture sector has enabled a farmer to remotely monitor and control pest infestation. With a one-time investment, a farmer can integrate an IoT powered pest control system to its farm and accurately detect the presence of bugs and rodents without manual inspection. However, the complete capability of IoT in farming rests with the combined usage of its agriculture-based ...
  2. 4 IoT Benefits for Precise, Digital, and Smart Agriculture

    The advent of IoT is considered the point through which the farming sector will take a dramatic transformation. Internet of Things offers several benefits in cultivation that helps farmers to grow a high yield of healthy crops.
    In the current digital era, the implementation of IoT in farms is vital because of the benefits it offers in terms of cost reduction and optimum utilization of assets. Furthermore, IoT will act as a driving force that will facilitate the production of crops for the ...