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  1. The robot companion

    Will Al replace sex and love in the future?
    Will robot companions really exist in our lives in the future?
    With this question and curiosity in mind, we went to the United States, jersey 2, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and other places to interview producers and users of real doll factories and to see from their perspective: why would anyone want to connect physically and emotionally with an inanimate object?

    I went to visit the reluctant guest's home, where he ...
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  2. You Will Have To Press The Operator Will Make A Sex Doll Response

    Provide faster proper Pregnant sex doll help

    For a fire or ambulance, you will have to press the operator will respond no matter what is selected or not. "The launch of the new menu option is designed to provide faster and appropriate Pregnant sex doll help for those who need it." In Belgium, 112 can be used to get help from an ambulance or fire brigade, said Minister of Security and Interior Peter Krem. You can use 101 to get help from the police. The two exchanges are ...