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  1. Top four IIoT advantages for Oil and Gas industry

    Oil and Gas is a vast industry that requires a lot of variables to be managed at once. IIoT implementation simplifies the process of monitoring these variables through sensor technology and advanced telemetry.
    The upstream, midstream and downstream segments of these sectors benefit from the seamless framework of IIoT, as it creates a connected ecosystem within the entire infrastructure. Its applications, such as equipment monitoring and preventive maintenance are already helping this sector ...
  2. How is IoT Supporting Various Oil & Gas Industrial Operations?

    The sector of oil and gas is surrounded by challenges that negatively impact its operations and procedures. IoT acts as a technology enabler for the oil & gas industry that enables it to give a strategic overhaul to its operations and remotely manage various assets located in even far-off locations.

    It is the best platform to manage a vast amount of data and signals emitted from multiple machines and develop useful insights from them in order to improve their overall equipment ...