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  1. Top 5 IoT Solutions That Companies Are Currently Seeking

    In this ever-changing world, businesses and companies must level themselves with the perpetual modernization to stay abreast with the continuously changing needs of their customers. Various billion-dollar enterprises and multinational corporations hence invest a huge chunk of their budget into their R&D department to stumble upon new technologies that they can use to remain ahead in this cutting-throat competition.

    The technology of IoT is a blessing for industries that were looking ...
  2. The Internet of Things: Current Trends and the Future

    If we look at the recent Internet of Things technology trend, the future of this technology seems bright. IoT providers are experimenting with multiple IoT solutions such as smart homes, where IoT enabled devices control the home appliances, ensuring the desired temperature in your home before you arrive.

    Similarly, the enterprise IoT is also at a boom. IoT solutions such as machine uptime monitoring provides manufacturers the equipment uptime/downtime data. This data helps in calculating ...
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  3. IoT Developing and Comprehensive Smart City Solutions

    Smart city solutions of IoT are focused to develop cities of future that promote economic development, improve infrastructure & environment, and digitally optimize public assets. A smart city is a collection of billions of smart devices that collects and shares information over a wide network spread across a city. These smart devices share data with each other and coordinate accordingly to ease the lifestyle of the citizens.

    Cities are now leveraging processing capabilities to ...
  4. IoT in 2020: What IoT holds for us in the Future?

    Cutting-edge technologies are reshaping the 21st century. No one knows where these technologies will take us in the future. However, based on recent developments and innovations, it can be inferred that the creation of an interconnected world is inevitable.
    In this connected world, the internet will be the medium that will not only connect us but also join machines and devices as such. Day to day tasks will happen automatically, and a rise in self-driving cars will be witnessed. Smart cities ...
  5. Benefits IoT Holds in Store for Warehouse Management

    Warehouses act as essential links in any supply chain that facilitates the storage of goods until they are dispatched at the location of their usage. The technology of IoT has enabled the development of smart warehouse management systems (WMS). Smart warehouses that use automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and telematics are already in action. These warehouses through the use of disruptive technologies such as machine learning and IoT are minimizing manual intervention and are boosting the speed and ...