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Realistic sex dolls

Take you to know real doll exhibition

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People who buy realistic sex doll regard them as lovers and partners. It is said that they will find factories that produce these dolls to worship. Because their love was born here.

In a factory in China that produces sex dolls, nearly a thousand artificial dolls leave the factory every month. An office is the first step for the silicone doll to come into the world. First, the company’s 3D stylist will perform a perfect shaping. They will even refer to some well-known models for design, of course, instead of imitating their faces, "it is the ratio of the upper body to the lower body of the model, and what is the ratio of the head to the whole body".

From a technical point of view, of course, it can be completely consistent with the perfect model, but this is an infringement, so it is just an imitation. Under the beautiful appearance is more complex and meticulous design. In order to make the doll move more like a real person, they are still studying to add more joints.

Skilled workers are injecting silicone into the mold. After filling the silicone, they need to wait six to eight hours for the doll's body to solidify and form.

What they need to do afterwards is to give these dolls different identities: OL office worker, nurse, flight attendant, etc. Even, they will design some story backgrounds and characters for these dolls, and they will also give them names, such as Fluttershy, Sakura, Kayla, etc. Silicone tpe sex doll with different names have different personalities, single-character names, anime style, loli type. Two-character or three-character, realistic style, usually belongs to the royal sister type.

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