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Realistic sex dolls

Tpe sex dolls' maintenance 03 - makeup

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The head shape of the realistic sex doll is very beautiful, not only the outline is good, but also the post-makeup is applied before leaving the factory, and it is made of silicone paint, so the face makeup will not easily fall off, but it will gradually fade over time. It should be noted that when using and cleaning, do not wipe the face too hard. Do not wipe the face too hard. Too much will cause the makeup to fade and the eyelashes will fall off because it is difficult to repair.

Real dolls can use general female cosmetics to make up for her, such as lipstick, blush, eye shadow, etc. Be careful not to use viscous ointments, because it will be more difficult to wash off. When removing makeup, you can use soapy water, makeup remover, etc. to gently wipe it off, so don't use too much force.

All-purpose olive oil can be used to remove makeup, which is cheap and practical. All can be removed, but otakus who do not have makeup skills should not wash their eyebrows easily, because few people can continue to paint their eyebrows. It will be troublesome to send it back to the manufacturer to paint. If you first try makeup, it is recommended to paint the lips first, and then try the eyes and eyelashes. Including eyeballs, you can buy unique and alternative ones, which will significantly improve the overall effect. Not to mention wigs, but remember to buy good quality, light-colored wigs. Don't envy how beautiful other people's love doll are. It takes time and experience to take care of it. If you still don’t know anything about tpe sex doll makeup, you can go to forums and video sites to learn tutorials. The choice of cosmetics is much simpler, the cosmetics used by ordinary people are just fine.

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