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Realistic sex dolls

Tips on sex doll cleaning

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General cleaning: If the love doll accidentally gets stains or dust, you can try to wipe it with a damp towel and shower gel. If you encounter stains that cannot be removed by shower gel, you can try to use cleansing oil to remove it. If you can’t even remove it If you wipe it off, it may be stained. We will talk about staining later. When the dirty area of the doll is relatively large, you can also consider taking the doll to take a bath. In terms of water temperature, the temperature that we usually bathe with the doll is acceptable. Tpe sex dolls are more sensitive to temperature. Remember not to use a temperature over 70. To "sterilize" the tpe doll with high water, the tpe material may be deformed due to the temperature! This is irreversible! Everyone must pay attention.

Cleaning after use: For many people, they buy their own realistic sex doll. They don't like to wear condoms. When they have real sexual needs, these dolls become the choice of these boys, and this also makes it clean The work is more complicated. Generally, the places where dolls can be used are mouth, private parts, and backyard. However, because of different manufacturers, dolls only have 1-2 functions. The mouth and backyard must be integrated (internal passage and body are inseparable). There will be a split design in the private part. This split type is very easy to clean. Just remove the name device and wash it after use. If it is an all-in-one type, either carry the doll to the bathroom for cleaning after use, or buy an online cleaning artifact (a treasure is available for sale). Regardless of the cleaning method, remember to cover your body with a towel after washing and gently pat dry. Do not wipe hard to avoid abrasion or scratches on the surface of the doll. The inside of the channel can be filled with thick paper towels in strips. Soak it dry, here is a good way I can recommend to everyone to buy sanitary napkins for girls during their menstrual period. They are super easy to use, super absorbent, and easy to take out. The last thing is to remember the last talcum powder after the body water is dry, so that the baby's skin maintains the best touch.

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