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Realistic sex dolls

Help you solve sex doll clothes fade

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The tpe sex dolls are likely to be colored by the clothes they wear, which is very worrying to us.
When purchasing clothes for a doll, choose quality-assured clothes, which are generally more expensive and more informative. If you can't judge whether it will discolor after purchasing the clothes, the easy way is to put it in the water and wash it first. If it is fading, there is no doubt that you must have bought inferior clothes. You should be lucky not to experiment on your beloved doll. If it is not serious, it is very important to wash this step first. The chance of dyeing your doll will be reduced a lot when you wash your clothes. Then, before you wear your realistic sex doll, remember to put on the powder, which will reduce the clothes. Friction between the skin and the skin reduces the possibility of staining.
On the other hand, don't worry about dyeing, there is still a way to remove stains. Slight staining can be absorbed by oily lotion, because you know the solubility characteristics of oily solvents. If there is still something that can't be eliminated, please don't wipe it hard, maybe the stain will evaporate. In more serious cases, use the color paste. After 24 hours, the clean skin will appear.

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