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User analysis of love dolls

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User analysis of sex dolls
1. User needs
Traditionally, one is that young people are more likely to accept sex doll than their elders. In particular, women’s support for sex doll has increased from 5.3% in the 70s to 42.1% in the 90s, an increase of 694%.

1990 is more like a watershed, making people born after that have more sex doll.
The other two groups are traditionally ignored: one is a female group and the other is a sexual minority group.

First, nowadays, women's education is beneficial to women, and women's consciousness is greatly improved.

Sex is happy. They began to pursue things that made them happy, and gradually got rid of the traditional shackles. In the future, these women will have more consumption potential in the physical doll market than young men.

Second, men dominate sex due to their dominance in power.

When men want to seek happiness, they can go out to the red light district. However, when women need to seek happiness, it is difficult to find a way and way to vent. Therefore, for women, the appearance of love doll is an excellent way for them to vent their desires.

Third, sexual minorities such as homosexuals and bisexuals are also easily overlooked but have great potential.
According to the current state of social development, more and more people are joining the sexual minorities, and this data grows over time.

2. Social environment
Although the traditional conservative mainstream prevails, young people (especially those without sexual partners), sexual minorities (same and bisexual, etc.) and other groups have greater tolerance and willingness to consume sex doll.

In the future, as young people gradually grasp the right to speak and the spiritual civilization of society is further improved, if WM doll grasps the hearts of these people, they will have great development potential and stage. In the future, we will strive to define "sex doll" as the hearts of Chinese people. "Must be daily necessities".

The widespread application of Internet and mobile Internet technologies has broadened the sales channels of sex doll.
11:50 2021/6/10

3. Economic environment
Consumption upgrade determines the transformation of people's consumption habits to experience-based. After 40 years of reform and opening up, the overall national income level has been greatly improved. In particular, the existence of most of the middle class provides strong support for the future development of the physical doll market .

The substantial improvement in the economic environment is fundamentally an improvement in the people's living standards. People will be in the mood to meet their physical needs when they are full and warm. Therefore, it is not a good time for the development of TPE sex doll.

As the saying goes: full of warmth and lust, the improvement of the living standards of our nationals has promoted higher requirements and quality of sexual life.

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