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Morality of sex robot

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The advantage of online pornography is that it is more democratic, and in reality it is more about social, moral and human conditions. If it belongs to open democracy, it will liberate men to a certain extent, and it also increases the tolerance of social morality for obscenity. But whether sex dolls under artificial intelligence should treat them as human beings and whether they apply to the moral system of society.

Like the erotic products or the works themselves, as a woman's point of view, conservatives or feminism, sex robot may indeed pose a threat to the family. Of course, this is just one of many real-life ideas, and there are still some people who hold the opposite opinion. So this danger is only one-sided. However, for feminists, they all maintain a supportive attitude towards sexual robots. This also proves from the perspective of the real society that women as the end of sexual objects, sex toys, sex doll can really become a tool to replace women as sexual objects.

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