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What have changed your sex habit?

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In the long river of human life, sex comes from human instinct. We always desire to love ,sex but without response. While in nowadays, we own everything , wife, suites, work, but we still get less satisfaction and being freaking out easily. We do have so much lust. But how does it comes. Life may be lonely.
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According to surveys online, celebration of festivals is still the main driving force to sex toys. Especially on love days and some other traditional festivals.

Besides , sexual emergencies it also causes people to change their sexual habits. For example, Fifty Shades of Gray has swept the world at 2015, and sales of sex toys growth followed rapidly. Searches for related words also made the list. The original novel of it sales abroad. It comes from people's emotional perception and touch of the world around them. And It is hard not to be influenced by primitive desires and pursuits.

It is a step forward , man is supposed to fight for his own pleasure all his life. But we should follow the moral and stay safe. Don't be shame at choosing sex dolls when you have to.

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  1. qiouxdoll's Avatar
    would you prefer a flat chested sex doll or a mini sex doll