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World with sexrobots will be like this

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We know that this is coming, they are coming much faster than most of you think. When they do, everything will change and some are good. Some will be very bad. But everything will change. Just as the porn industry is leading virtual reality, sex doll has also led robotics.

Although there are already several manufacturers of production robots, this number is undoubtedly increasing. However, there are still some people who ask the government to supervise sexual robots. The Robotics Foundation report shows that most men and a small percentage of women agree to the popular use of sex robots. The doll brothel has now been opened throughout the country. Noel, the honorary professor of robotics and artificial intelligence at the University of Sheffield, and the founder of the foundation, Noel made a point: People are generally worried that no one is talking about it in this situation.
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At first, these robots would be expensive, and only the rich could afford it. However, like all other technologies that have been created, these prices will eventually fall to the middle class and then the poor. This hot, young, ageless, skinny, fit love doll will be any way you wants, as much as you wants, whenever you wants, without ever demanding any money, dates, dinners, cuddling, relationship, marriage, kindness, respect , orgasms, conversations, children, jewelry, or anything else women today expect or demand for sex.
It’s going to be brutal. It’s going to be extremely interesting to see what women do and how they will react to their massive power over men being removed like this.

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