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Japanese Silicone Real Doll Exhibition

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As we all know, Japan Oriental Industry is the authoritative manufacturer of sex dolls. Not only does it have amazing simulations, but the achievements in aesthetics are also worthy of recognition. As early as 2016, Oriental Industrial Silicone Doll Production Co., Ltd. made the anime beauty of Japanese painters into full-size dolls, and exhibited an exhibition called “Artificial Beauty Art Museum” in the gallery.

It is not difficult to produce a high-simulation doll, but how to make a beautiful doll from scratch can meet the characteristics of fictional characters, which requires more stylization. To this end, they specially invited art critics to do supervision, making the finished doll more charming and attractive.

In addition, more beautiful love dolls were made to participate in the exhibition according to other paintings. Of course, even in Japan, where the adult industry is so developed, this is something that minors are forbidden to enter. Although this is already the scope of art, it is still unable to get rid of the label of pornography.

Oriental Industrial will showcase the super-high quality adult realistic sex dolls with the inflatable dolls combined with Japanese art. This has completely disappeared from any erotic elements, but has been sublimated to the realm of art.

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