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Doll angel funeral plan

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Ningen Love Doll Company seems to have a very special solution to this very special problem. It has been offering memorial services for sex dolls since January 22, 2020. It had a thoughtful funeral, while Japanese monk and porn star Rei Kato offered a memorial service for sex dolls. They ensure that silicone lovers rest in peace.

1. The owner can attend the funeral in person.
2. Read a letter to the doll.
3. The doll's parts will be disassembled before disposal, and some will be sent to the owner as treasures after the ceremony.

The above steps need to be performed before the doll is destroyed, and after all the ceremony is over, the company sends the doll to a highly certified industrial waste disposal. Owners may be advised not to consider their silicone partner's sharp shredder through a waste treatment and then melt.

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