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Thread: Baidu, Inc., web services, Beijing, China

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    Baidu, Inc., web services, Beijing, China

    Website -

    Baidu, Inc. on Wikipedia

    Co-founder and CEO - Robin Li

    Vice President and Head of Artificial Intelligence Group - Wang Haifeng

    Group President and Chief Operating Officer - Qi Lu


    Baidu Research

    Products and projects:

    Apolong, self-driving bus

    Simultaneous Translation and Anticipation and Controllable Latency (STACL), language translation AI

    Baidu Create, conference

    Baidu Ventures

    Xiaoyuer Zaijia (Little Fish), family companion robot

    PaddlePaddle, open deep learning platform for enterprise and research

    Apollo open autonomous driving platform

    Duer, virtual assistant

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    Baidu World @ Las Vegas - CES 2018 Launch Event

    Streamed live Jan 8, 2018

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    Baidu - An AI Company

    Published on Jan 14, 2018

    #AI is changing the world. Baidu is an AI company. Here's an insider's look at what we're working on at Baidu to help bring change to the world using

    About Baidu

    Baidu, Inc. is the leading Chinese language Internet search provider. Baidu aims to make a complex world simpler through technology. Baidu's ADSs trade on the NASDAQ Global Select Market under the symbol "BIDU". Currently, ten ADSs represent one Class A ordinary share.

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