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Thread: Karma, quadcopter, GoPro Inc., San Mateo, California, USA

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    Karma, quadcopter, GoPro Inc., San Mateo, California, USA

    Developer - GoPro Inc.

    Home page -

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    The GoPro Drone

    Published on Nov 26, 2014

    The wearable video camera maker is developing its own line of consumer multi-rotor helicopter drones to expand from its core business with surfers and other sports enthusiasts
    Article "GoPro Developing Line of Consumer Drones"
    Company Plans to Start Selling Multirotor Helicopters With High-Definition Cameras Late Next Year

    by Jack Nicas
    November 26, 2014

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    GoPro: Karma is coming

    Published on Dec 9, 2015

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    GoPro Karma drone

    Published on Sep 19, 2016

    The GoPro Karma drone has a compact, foldable design and a 3-axis stabilizer that works with Hero4 and Hero5 cameras.

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    GoPro unveils Karma Drone with removable grip stabilizer

    Published on Sep 19, 2016

    GoPro announces its long-awaited Karma Drone. The new $799 drone is compact, foldable and comes with a removable stabilizer.

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    GoPro’s new Karma drone: first look

    Published on Sep 20, 2016

    GoPro just announced its first drone, the Karma, which can fold up and fit in a backpack. It’s super easy to use, works with the new Hero 5 Black, Hero 5 Session, and Hero 4, and goes on sale October 23rd for $799.

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    GoPro's foldable Karma drone: hands-on

    Published on Sep 20, 2016

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    GoPro Karma Drone hands on review using a Hero5 Black camera

    Published on Oct 2, 2016

    Our ongoing GoPro Karma Drone review uses video footage from the newly launched GoPro Hero5 Black camera, and you can see the stability that it provides, even in high wind.

    Its stability is thanks to a 3-axis gimbal that keeps the shot steady and OIS that's now a part of the GoPro Hero5 series. Thanks to the Hero5 Black, the drone can shoot 4K video (this one is shot in 1080p) and fly high as 3280ft (1,000m) and soar at a maximum speed of 35mph (15m/s).

    We'll have more on the GoPro Karma, GoPro Hero5 Black and smaller GoPro Hero5 Session, and how the drone compared to the DJI Mavic Pro in an upcoming video.

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    GoPro Karma review

    Published on Nov 8, 2016

    Meet Karma, GoPro’s long-promised drone. The Karma is capable, packable and easy to fly. And since it uses GoPro’s best cameras, the picture quality is superb.

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    GoPro: meet Karma

    Published on Feb 1, 2017

    GoPro Karma is more than a drone. It’s a complete video stabilization system. You can take the stabilizer from the drone, attach it to the included Karma Grip and capture footage on the ground, handheld and body mounted. Throw everything in the case and take Karma with you while you’re snowboarding, running with the kids and more.

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