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Thread: "Shells", short film, Oliver Banasiak, 2017, Sweden

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    January 2, 2017

    SHELLS - A short on Breaking Walls has been an amazing journey. It's taken me about a year of on and off work, most of that time has been spent waiting since all of this was rendered on ONE machine with Arnold for C4D (C4dtoA). The longest render was about 2 weeks of waiting - can you guess which shot took the longest?
    SHELLS is a story of what we build inside of ourselves and what we hide away, just to realize that at some point in the existence of our souls, we will have to face it. Facing it might even bring us to new horizons.
    Director, editor, renderer, everything, mixing and SFX:
    Oliver Banasiak
    Music (by the amazing):
    Kaveh Cohen & Michael David Nielsen titled "Eon"
    BBC Library
    Maxon Cinema 4D
    Solid Angle Arnold
    Adobe CC
    Allegorithmic B2M
    Side FX Houdini

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