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    Website -

    Founder - David Sønstebø

    Co-founder, Mathematician, Creator of the Tangle Concept - Serguei Popov

    Co-Founder, Engineer - Sergey Ivancheglo

    Co-Founder, Engineer - Dominik Schiener

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    Article "IOTA launches $2 million fund for IoT-focused blockchain derivative"
    The open source nonprofit organization is seeking to foster growth of its distributed ledger technology.

    by Thor Olavsrud
    May 16, 2017

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    What is IOTA all about?

    Published on Aug 7, 2018

    Dominik Schiener, Co-Founder of IOTA, shares insights about the cryptocurrency IOTA. He explains what the IOTA Foundation aims to achieve and what sets IOTA apart from other cryptocurrencies.

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    The potential of distributed ledger technology

    Published on Aug 7, 2018

    A closer look at the potential of distributed ledger technology: The Co-Founder of IOTA, Dominik Schiener, explains what technologies like blockchain are able to achieve and how the IoT can benefit.

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Социальные закладки

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