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Thread: Samsung Group, smart wearable devices, robot vacuum cleaners, humanoid robots, Seoul, South Korea

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    Samsung Group, smart wearable devices, robot vacuum cleaners, humanoid robots, Seoul, South Korea

    Website -

    Samsung on Wikipedia

    Executive Chairman - Lee Jae-yong

    Harman International is a subsidiary of Samsung.

    SmartThings was bought by Samsung in August 2014.

    SAMSUNG Research -

    President of SAMSUNG Research - Sebastian Seung

    Subsidiary - Samsung Semiconductor, Inc.

    Products and projects:

    Gauss, AI language model

    Bot Handy, home robot

    Bot Care, personal robotic assistant

    Jet Bot, robot vacuum

    Bot Chef, AI kitchen-assistant robot

    Ballie, rolling home robot


    Samsung Automotive solutions

    GEMS (Gait Enhancing and Motivation System), robotic exoskeleton

    Galaxy Home, smart speaker

    DRVLINE, autonomous driving platform

    Galaxy SmartTag, Bluetooth locator

    Samsung Connect Tag, smart tag

    Samsung 360 Round, high-quality camera for creating and livestreaming 3D content for virtual reality

    WA52M7750AW, smart washing machine

    Samsung NEXT Fund

    Smart Suit

    Galaxy Buds, wireless earbuds

    Gear IconX, wireless earbuds

    Otto, talking home assistant and a smarter home security system

    ARTIK, open platform for a IoT


    Family Hub Refrigerator, smart connected refrigerator

    Bixby, intelligent personal voice assistant

    S Voice, intelligent personal assistant

    Samsung Health (S Health), personal fitness coach

    Samsung Dream Doghouse

    Powerbot VR9000, robotic vacuum cleaner

    Odyssey, Windows mixed reality headset

    Gear VR, mobile virtual reality headset, created by Samsung and powered by Oculus

    SAMI, Simband health sensor platforms

    Samsung Smart Door Locks

    Sleepsense, sleep tracker

    Samsung Gear 360 Camera

    Galaxy Ring, smart ring for health tracking

    brainBAND, smart headband

    Samsung Gear Fit, fitness wristband

    Galaxy Watch Active, smartwatch

    Galaxy Watch, smartwatch

    Samsung Gear S, smartwarches

    Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, foldable smartphone

    Galaxy Fold, foldable smartphone

    Samsung Galaxy Note, smartphones

    Samsung Galaxy S24, Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, smartphones

    Samsung Galaxy S23, Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, smartphones

    Samsung Galaxy S22, Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, smartphones

    Samsung Galaxy S21, Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, smartphones

    Samsung Galaxy S20, Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, smartphones

    Samsung Galaxy S10 and Samsung Galaxy S10+, smartphones

    Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy S9+, smartphones

    Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8+, smartphones

    Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, smartphones

    Samsung Galaxy S6, smartphone

    Samsung Galaxy S5, smartphone

    Samsung Smart Home

    MAHRU, humanoid robot
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    Mahru 3 walking demo

    Uploaded on Jul 21, 2011

    A short demo showing KIST / Samsung's humanoid robot Mahru 3 walking, turning, and side-stepping.

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    Samsung Roboray

    Published on Oct 14, 2012

    Footage of Samsung's new torque controlled humanoid robot, Roboray.

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    Samsung Smart Bike
    from Samsung Maestros Academy
    May 28, 2014


    Thanks to the great experience of Maestro Giovanni Pelizzoli -- a world famed frame builder- and the talent of a young student of Samsung Maestros Academy -- Alice Biotti -- Samsung Smart Bike came alive.
    This is the first bicycle that protects the rider thanks to its safety components, controlled by a Samsung Smartphone.
    It comes with an innovative bicycle-frame that neutralizes the most dangerous vibrations to the human body, 4 laser beams to alert other drivers that the bike is coming along, an integrated GPS system to tell local authorities which routes should be immediately turned into real bike-lanes. This is Samsung Smart Bike, the perfect mix between future and heritage, presented with great success during the 2014 Milan Design Week.

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    Samsung "The Safety Truck"

    Published on Jun 9, 2015

    This initiative was created by Leo Burnett / Buenos Aires for Samsung's Argentinian corporate office to promote road safety.

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    Dr. WP Hong, Samsung - Keynote 2016

    Published on Jan 7, 2016

    Dr. WP Hong is an established IT and mobile industry leader, who is currently the President of Solution Business Unit, Samsung SDS. Before assuming the current position, he played a critical role in Samsung mobile’s emergence as the world’s premiere handset manufacturer and eco-system provider, by introducing the GALAXY franchise to Samsung’s mobile portfolio and by strengthening Samsung’s content services for both Samsung’s mobile devices and its digital appliances. Prior to joining Samsung, he accumulated experience in the mobile industry both as a researcher and business person on the cutting edge of mobile technology innovations.

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    Samsung Wireless Audio 360, sound all around you

    Published on Mar 31, 2016

    Imagine a new kind of speaker. A speaker that revolutionizes your listening experience and lets you enjoy the same high quality sound wherever you are in a room. Introducing the new Wireless Audio 360 speaker, designed and engineered by the Samsung Audio Lab in California. Unlike directional speakers, Wireless Audio 360 speakers deliver equally balanced sound in every direction thanks to cutting–edge technology and built- in high end speaker units. Wireless Audio 360 speakers can fill an entire room evenly with high quality sound. Find out more here -

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