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Thread: Facebook, Inc., online social networking service, Menlo Park, California, USA

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    Facebook, Inc., online social networking service, Menlo Park, California, USA

    Website -

    Facebook on Wikipedia

    Facebook Reality Labs

    Co-founder, CEO anf Chairman - Mark Elliot Zuckerberg

    CTO - Mike Schroepfer

    COO - Sheryl Sandberg

    Chief AI scientist - Yann LeCun

    VP, Messaging Products - David Marcus

    Vice President Augmented and Virtual Reality - Andrew Bosworth

    VP of VR - Hugo Barra

    Director of AI Research - Jerome Pesenti

    Research Scientist at Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research - Antoine Bordes

    Director, AR/VR and Facebook Assistant - Ira Snyder

    Head of AR/VR content - Michael Verdu

    Director, ML/AI - Srinivas Narayanan

    WhatsApp Inc. was acquired by Facebook in February 2014 for approximately US$19.3 billion.

    Projects and products:

    Deepfake Detection Challenge

    Blender, open-domain chatbot

    Messenger Rooms, virtual hangouts

    ReAgent, applied reinforcement learning platform

    Facebook Horizon, VR world

    Map With AI service

    PyRobot, open source robotics research platform

    Libra, cryptocurrency

    Portal, smart display

    ELF, platform for game research

    Gameroom, Windows desktop gaming platform

    HACS (Human Action Clips and Segments), video dataset

    Intel Nervana NNP (Neural Network Processor)

    Open Neural Network Exchange (ONNX), format for deep learning models

    ParlAI, software platform for dialog research

    Spaces, social VR platform

    Spark AR Studio, augmented reality developer platform

    Masks, augmented reality selfie

    DeepText, deep learning-based text understanding engine

    Surround 360, open source VR camera

    Messenger Platform for Messenger, bot framework

    Facebook F8, annual gathering of developer community

    M, personal digital assistant

    Facebook AI Research (FAIR)

    Aquila, solar-powered unmanned plane

    Facebook Messenger, instant messaging service

    DeepFace, deep learning facial recognition system

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    Facebook buying Oculus VR for $2 billion

    Published on Mar 25, 2014

    Facebook to acquire Oculus VR for $2 billion... and 'Minecraft' creator Notch cancels the Oculus Rift version as a result. Crazy day!

    Article "Facebook buying Oculus VR for $2 billion"

    Article "'Minecraft' creator cancels Oculus Rift version following Facebook acquisition"

    Article "Virtual reality made me believe I was someone else"

    Article "Oculus investor says Facebook purchase is like 'Google buying Android in 2005'"

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    Oculus & Facebook - What Will Happen to the Future of VR?

    Published on Mar 29, 2014

    We all know that Facebook bought out Oculus, and thereby, Oculus Rift- changing the future of VR headsets for years to come! But is it a good or bad change? Many on the internet were unhappy about the buyout, including Notch, but Oculus leadership has said that their missions won't be compromised. If the major buyout awful? Or incredible? Kim Horcher, Tim Frisch, and Kristen Nedopak (Founder, The Geekie Awards, Skyrim Parodies) discuss

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    Facebook CTO talks up solar-powered drones

    Published on Mar 26, 2015

    At Facebook's F8 conference, Mike Schroepfer, the company's CTO, discusses Facebook's plan to make Internet access more ubiquitous through the use of solar-powered drone technology.

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