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Thread: "Tempo", sci-fi short film, Seth Worley, 2012, USA

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    "Tempo", sci-fi short film, Seth Worley, 2012, USA

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    "Tempo", 2012

    In this new Red Giant short film, from the creators of Plot Device, a scientist must prevent a new, powerful technology from falling into the wrong hands.


    Director: Seth Worley
    Executive Producer: Aharon Rabinowitz
    Producers: Neil Hoppe, Shannon Hoppe
    Writers: Seth Worley, Neil Hoppe, Aharon Rabinowitz
    Associate Producers: Mark Cowart, Josh Auman
    Director Of Photography: Mark Cowart
    Art Designer: Paul Conrad
    Music: Ben Worley
    Visual Effects: Seth Worley, Harry Frank, Aharon Rabinowitz, Matt Hail, Cameron Childs
    Gaffer/B Camera Operator: Chris Adams
    Assistant Camera: Justin Wylie
    Sound: Matt Hail
    Grips: Cameron Childs, Nick Serban IV
    Script Supervisor: Jeremy Flick
    Production Assistants: Tabby Reed, Joshua Briggs, Caleb Watson, Alex Keller

    Filmed at BE Music & Entertainment, The Terrazzo in Nashville TN

    Created with Trapcode Suite 12
    Also Created with Magic Bullet Suite, Effects Suite, Keying Suite, PluralEyes, Retrograde

    Special Thanks: Crumplepop, Re:Vision FX, Video CoPilot, Rampant Design, Smartsound, Michael Blanton, Kevin Jarrell, Brent Hoppe, Dennis Worley, Doug Paisley, Eddie Lunn III, Mike Fernandez, Ray Mullican, Jake Stansell, David Coalter, Juan Salvo, Max Taylor
    Special Thanks: Peder Norrby


    Harp: Darren Vandergriff
    Burke: Emily Landham
    Melnik: Chip Arnold
    Grenade Thug: Neil Hoppe
    Paint Can Thug: Micah Lanier
    Bees Thug: Ben Worley
    Scientists: Matt Hail, Cameron Childs, Nick Serban IV, Paul Conrad
    Harp Stand-Ins: Micah Lanier, Ben Worley

    Get the original TEMPO film score by Ben Worley @

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