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    Blossom - The Smart Watering Controller

    Published on Nov 17, 2014

    We waste up to 50% of irrigation water. Blossom programs itself with the right watering schedule for your lawn, so you can put an end to over-watering. Let’s stop wasting water and money.
    Automate your sprinklers with real-time weather data and complete control from your phone to lower your water bill up to 30%.

    Up to 50% of the water we use for outdoor irrigation is wasted. A majority of residential irrigation systems rely on archaic controllers that do not take into account actual water demand. Water scarcity is seriously impacting our entire world.

    We created Blossom to be a simple, smart and economical solution to this problem. Blossom uses weather intelligence to automatically pull in data from multiple forecast services and constantly makes adjustments for a highly accurate localized watering plan. Share your yard’s plant types and it will customize the right water schedule for each vegetation. Blossom makes all the difficult decisions for you and keeps you connected from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

    All of which saves you money and, perhaps more importantly, helps conserve water.

    Weather Intelligence

    Blossom is always looking forward. Taking into account real-time local weather data, satellites and meteorologists, it is constantly making adjustments to your watering plan on your behalf. Before, during and after rainfall, Blossom is adapting your schedule based on the amount and duration of precipitation. Our algorithm has been developed and is continually being fine-tuned to make the smartest adjustments for your yard every single day.

    Xona Technology™

    No yard is created equal. Share your different plant types and yard layouts with Blossom and you will get a highly specific watering plan for each zone based on vegetation. Blossom's algorithm was designed and developed using specialized data from expert botanists to create the most thoughtful watering plan for all ecosystems.

    2x Connection
    Blossom connects from farther. With the power of Powerline + WiFi, Blossom's range is essentially limitless. This is crucial, because sprinkler controllers are typically installed outdoors farther away from your home's network. Blossom turns electrical outlets into internet connections, so you'll constantly be connected to the data that makes your yard smarter.


    No more aimless tinkering with your sprinkler controller. Blossom eliminates the guesswork with clear controls so you can refine your watering schedule in seconds.

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