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Thread: HoloLens, "mixed reality" holographic headset, Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, Washington, USA

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    Microsoft shows off HoloLens 2 mixed reality headset at MWC

    Published on Feb 24, 2019

    Microsoft says the new and improved HoloLens 2 makes manipulating holograms feel like interacting with objects in the real world.

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    Microsoft Hololens 2 Hands-On: Mixed reality moves forward at MWC 2019

    Published on Feb 25, 2019

    Microsoft has made mixed reality less awkward. That was the major takeaway from my time with HoloLens 2, its new $3,500 headset aimed not at you (or me), but at businesses. It's not only because the headset is so much more comfortable, (though that can take a lot of the credit). Microsoft has also doubled the mixed reality field of view, making the holographic overlay less like a floating reticle and more like a (virtual) display that's useful.

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    HoloLens 2 hands-on from MWC 2019

    Published on Feb 25, 2019

    HoloLens 2 is coming later this year and in our first hands-on we learn about the doubled field-of-view (FOV), increased clarity, and how the OS is built around the idea of instinctual interaction. Plus, we'll talk about why HoloLens 2 is not only a big deal, but a real business now.

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    Hands-on with Microsoft's HoloLens 2

    Published on Feb 27, 2019

    We go hands-on with Microsoft's new HoloLens 2 mixed reality headset at MWC Barcelona.

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    HoloLens 2 creator discusses augmented reality's future

    Published on Mar 2, 2019

    Microsoft's Alex Kipman talks with CNET about mixed reality's challenges and possibilities.

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    Microsoft HoloLens & Mixed Reality Meetup

    Streamed live on Mar 6, 2019

    Our first HoloLens & Mixed Reality meetup of 2019 is all about HoloLens 2.

    We'll talk about its features, the new interaction model and how the intelligent Cloud adds super powers to HoloLens 2 capabilities.

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    Microsoft HoloLens 2 is now available: This is what its AR does

    Nov 7, 2019

    Hand and eye tracking combine to manipulate holographic things for enterprise. We take another look.
    Article "HoloLens 2: Microsoft's augmented reality headset launches today, but it's $3,500"
    The AR headset is here, but some of its key software tools are still to come. Here's why it's so expensive.

    by Scott Stein
    November 7, 2019

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