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Thread: 1MW Chess Robots, 16 autonomous robots, 1 Martian Way Corporation, Mumbai, India

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    1MW Chess Robots, 16 autonomous robots, 1 Martian Way Corporation, Mumbai, India

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    CBS News - 1MW Robots play Chess at Discovery Science Center

    On August 15 and 16, Discovery Science Center visitors got the chance to experience and visualize the ultimate game of chess! Karan Kamdar and Peter Shikli from RoboTeamX, a company committed to the study of robotics, developed robots who can actually communicate with each other. On a giant chess board, 16 robots competed against 16 humans in a game of chess and 1MW Chess Robots Won their very first game!

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    1MW Chess Robots at Discovery Science Center, California - OC Register Video

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    1 Martian Way (1MW) Chess Robots Version 2.0 IndieGoGo Campaign

    This is a video produced by 1 Martian Way (1MW) to crowd-fund the Version 2.0 of the 1MW Chess Robots™ through Indiegogo. 1MW Chess Robots™ is the world's first truly autonomous robotic chess set in which a team of 16 autonomous robots play a game of chess against 16 humans on a large scale (16x16 Feet) chess board.

    The beauty and the key highlight of our Chess Robots is that none of the robots are remote controlled or centrally commanded. In fact they operate entirely autonomously, distribute the complexity of computation and communicate and arbitrate amongst themselves to come up with a move on behalf of their whole team. The team of 16 humans which can be kids or adults operate by the same rules i.e. each one of them plays the role of a member of their chess team. The humans too communicate and arbitrate amongst themselves and play chess against the robot team by communicating their moves to the robots by means of a large pressure sensitive and high-tech modular chess board.

    The Version 1.0 of the 1MW Chess Robots™ was demonstrated to great success in 2009 at various venues in California including Discovery Science Center, Legoland California and student-friendly events such as those hosted by the San Diego Science Alliance (SDSA). The participants of this physically immersive game absolutely loved playing in teams against our Chess Robots and got to learn chess in a fun and interactive manner.

    We believe that our 1MW Chess Robots™ can contribute a great deal to the society because of the following:

    1. Provide significant Educational and Entertainment Value
    2. Kids & Adults alike can learn chess in a fun, interactive manner
    3. Kids & Adults alike can learn to foster collaboration by working together in a team
    4. Provide alternative gaming environments for kids so that they can reduce their addiction to video games
    5. Provide a competitive, fun and recreational environment for a host of venues like malls, theme parks, public places, school, college and company campuses among others.

    At 1 Martian Way, we are now producing the version 2.0 of our Chess Robots and we need your support to make this project a reality.

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    1MW Chess Robots Version 2.0 - King Test

    King Piece (Unpainted) - Payload, 360 Rotation and Propulsion Test

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    1MW Chess Robots v2.06 Mobility Base Test

    Published on Jan 16, 2015

    New Robot Firmware with absolute positional locking for omnidirectional grid based navigation

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    Bishop 1

    1MW Chess Robots v2.0 Bishop Mobility Test - Payload 2.5kg

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    The Making of 1MW Chess Robots

    Published on Feb 24, 2015

    This video is about The Making of 1MW Chess Robots

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    1MW Robotic Chess at KidZania Mumbai

    Published on Apr 25, 2015

    Official Video made by KidZania Mumbai for 1 Martian Way's Robotic Chess

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    1 Martian Way (1MW) - 1MW Chess Robots

    Published on Jun 16, 2015

    1MW Chess Robots is the world's first and only large scale robot chess. In this 16 autonomous robots play a game of chess against a team of 16 humans. The robots are "NOT" remote controlled and they work as a team to decide and play their chess moves. This video showcases our robots at KidZania, Mumbai. Our robots have traveled all over the world and performed at locations such as Legoland, California, Discovery Science Center and others.

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