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Thread: Zoomer Zuppies, robotic dogs, Spin Master Corp., Toronto, Canada

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    Zoomer Mini Zuppies

    Published on Mar 10, 2014

    Zoomer Mini Zuppies as filmed by BSCKids at Toy Fair 2014.

    Girls can now have a teacup sized ZOOMER that matches their own personality and style. Each of the seven pups including Candy, Roxy, Scarlet, Spot has its own name and style. There's one to match every outfit! They have the same iconic LED eyes as ZOOMER that truly bring him to life. ZOOMER MINIS have five ways to play, including interactive moods, touch sensors, music player, mini games and poseable legs.

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    Zoomer Zuppies Review

    Published on Sep 7, 2014

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    Zoomer Zuppies Review the Interactive Robotic Dog (SCARLET)

    Published on Jul 7, 2014

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    NEW! Zoomer Zuppies Commercial

    Published on Sep 3, 2014

    Meet Spot, Candy, Roxy, and Scarlett! New to the Zoomer family these interactive pups will have you wanting more. Each Zoomer Zuppy comes with its own surprises.

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    Published on Sep 5, 2014

    Zoomer Zuppies are interactive toy dogs with motion-activated lights and sounds. Kids can also play different games with Zoomer Zuppies.

    Product Info:
    Zoomer Zuppies are interactive toy dogs with motion-activated lights and sounds. Kids can also play different games with Zoomer Zuppies. There are four styles to choose from: Spot, Roxy, Candy, and Scarlet. Each is sold separately. Tap or rub your Zoomer Zuppies' head and its LED eyes will look up. Press the dog's nose, and it will go cross-eyed. Move your hand from side to side in front of the dog's chest sensors, and the dog's eyes will follow your hand. You'll also be able to tell the mood of your dog by looking at its LED eyes. The more you play with your dog, the happier it will be. Press the dog's back button to access the activities menu, and tap the dog's head to scroll between a music player, three games, and guard dog mode. (Spot includes an extra game.) There are even tricks to unlock, such as kisses, singing, and hearing your Zoomer Zuppies bark "I love you". The dogs also have wheels on their paws so you can roll them around, and their legs are poseable. Zoomer Zuppies also interact with Zoomer, sold separately.

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    Zoomer Zuppies Party Pup Roxy Toy Review

    Published on Sep 29, 2014

    Keep the robotic puppy happy and it will do special tricks for you.
    Reacts to your tummy scratches, head pats and the wave of your hand in a variety of ways to create a unique bond with you

    Roxy responds to your touch and the wave of your hand. Pet her, scratch her chest and press her nose and back in different combinations for happy reactions and fun activities.

    Nurture your Zuppy like a real pet so that she knows you care, and Roxy will share exclusive tricks with you. The more you play with her, the more she'll share!

    Play games like Ping Pong, Bop It, Brick Breaker and Higher Lower together to make Roxy's eyes light up.

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    Unboxing and Toy review of Zoomer Zuppies Interactive Puppy with TMNT, Minion, The Hive BuzzBee

    Published on Jan 12, 2015

    Fun Toy World is sharing with you a fun and interactive toy review. We share a cute and funny puppy toy robot. From the creators of Zoomer Zuppies, we got “Flora” a personal kid interactive puppy. She lights up has sounds and sensors which helps her understands different commands. Interactive Flora Puppy comes with: Interactive Games, Interactive Music, Multiple Moods activated by sensors and has many Secret dog Tricks and a very lovable bark that will make you play for hours with her. We had a great time playing with her.

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    Zoomer Zuppies Interaction - Valentine's Day Edition

    Published on Feb 17, 2015

    Learn how to interact with you Zoomer Zuppy and Pup! Let your Zoomer's tell each other how much they love one another.

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    What Does My Zoomer Zuppy Do? - Activities And Games

    Published on Mar 12, 2015

    What Does My Zoomer Zuppy Do?

    Learn how to play games and activities with your Zoomer Zuppy. Each Zoomer Zuppy has different games and activities you can play.

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