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Thread: Sawyer, collaborative single-arm robot, Rethink Robotics, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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    Customer Success Story - Deco Lighting

    Published on Nov 15, 2016

    With smart, collaborative Sawyer robots, Deco Lighting hopes to reduce assembly time on its products from about an hour per unit to less than five minutes. The lighting manufacturer also plans to drastically reduce the risk of human injury and shorten the lead time for customers.

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    Intera 5 Sawyer demonstration

    Published on Feb 7, 2017

    Introducing Intera’s a whole new approach to automation and the force behind the world’s fastest-to-deploy robots.
    Watch the video below to see the revolutionary changes available on Intera 5.

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    Collaborative robots on the job at DHL - via Active8 robots

    Published on Mar 13, 2017

    DHL, the UK's largest co-packer, has deployed Sawyer collaborative robots for packaging solutions. Thanks to our UK distribution partner, Active8 Robots, Sawyer is on the job and equipped with high performance end of arm tooling (EOAT). As it packs consumer goods, Sawyer intelligently adapts to its environment by sensing the edge of the packaging tray.

    Active8 Robots delivers the latest Industry 4.0 end to end solutions. For more information on Active8, visit Active8 Robots UK - The UK's Leading Collaborative Robot Specialists.

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    Sawyer collaborative robot montage

    Published on Sep 1, 2017

    Sawyer is the first fully integrated collaborative robot solution available on the market through a single vendor. Watch Sawyer cobots on the job, working on applications in factories around the world.

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    Collaborative Robot Sawyer with Intera 5.2 Software

    Published on Nov 7, 2017

    Intera® 5.2 is an expansion of our Intera software platform that provides critical data insights to manufacturers in real time. Collaborative robot Sawyer™ gives operators and line managers valuable data at a glance, including metrics such as cycle time, part count, speed and force – data that has never before been available through a single collaborative robot vendor.

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    Sawyer for research and education

    Published on Mar 22, 2018

    An overview of using a Sawyer collaborative robot for research and education, featuring Ian McMahon, lead software developer for research and education products at Rethink.

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    Magic skills! Thanks for videos.

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