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Thread: ARCAS project, free-flying robot system for assembly and structure construction, FP7, Europe

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    Autonomous Structure Assembly

    Published on Jun 7, 2013

    Autonomous Structure Assembly (second robotic arm version) from preliminary experiments presented to the Europeam Commission in the First Project review

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    Published on Apr 30, 2015

    ARCAS will provide integrated and consolidated scientific foundations for flying robot perception, planning and control. In particular, ARCAS will produce a framework for the design and development of cooperating flying robots for assembly operations.
    During this third year, research has advanced as planned and the first experiments have been carried out.

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    ARCAS summary Year 3

    Published on Oct 12, 2015

    A summary of the progress in the first 3 years of the project. Force estimation and motion compensation, visual servoing bar detection and tracking, outdoor multirotor graspoing with 7DoF arm and other scientific feats are demonstrated.

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    ARCAS 4th year

    Published on Feb 2, 2016

    During the 4th and last year of the project, R&D activities have been focused in the indoor integrated experiment with:
    - RO-SLAM localization,
    - Kinodynamic aerial manipulator motion planning using a directed bi-RRT algorithm
    - Priority-based behavioral control including field of view, distance manipulator-observer and obstacle avoidance tasks
    - Motion planning initialization and Optimal Reciprocal Collision Avoidance
    - Trajectories calculation using a centralized quasi-static approach
    - Multivehicle navigation of the planned trajectories including field of view and obstacle avoidance
    - Hybrid Visual SWervoing with Hierarchical Task Composition using a multilayer low level controller
    - Two aerial manipulators perform a cooperative grasping, transportation and deployment of a long rigid bar
    - Cooperative transportation of the long bar following a trajectory that avoids the obstacle

    Regarding the outdoor experiments, these are the main characteristics:
    - RO-SLAM
    - RO-SLAM and GPS approach and grasping with aerial robotic manipulator based on multi-rotor with 7 DoF arm
    - Visual Servoing Grasping with the Flettner helicopter and LWR 7 DoF arm
    - Manipulator compensating ground effect
    - Increase altitude with the compensation of the load weight and transport to the point of interest
    - Detach the service robot

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    ARCAS: Project summary video

    Published on Feb 2, 2016

    This video sums up the results of R&D in the ARCAS Project. The main breakthroughs from the years 1, 2 and 3 are:
    - Force estimation and motion compensation
    - Experiments on force control
    - Path planning with dynamic models
    - Local planning based on on-board sensors
    - Geometric Task Planning
    - Structure assembly with a 2 DoF arm
    - Industrial mock-up application
    - 3D robot pose from camera view
    - Visual servoing with 6 DoF arm
    - Decentralized RO-SLAM
    - Multivehicle planning
    - Joint Transportation

    Finally, in the last year, the indoor integrated experimets took place:
    - RO-SLAM localization
    - Multivehicle trajectories localization
    - Hybrid Visual SErvoing with Hierarchical TAsk Composition using a multlayer low level controller
    - Cooperative transportation and deployment

    Regarding the outdoor experiments in this last year, these are the main advances:
    - Outdoor multirotor grasping with 7 DoF arm
    - Outdoor grasping with 7 DoF arm using GPS and RO-SLAM
    - Autonomous vision guided grasping with helicopter and LWR industrial arm
    - Arm-helicopter coordinated control
    - Visual Servoing Grasping with the Flettner helicopter and the LWR 7DoF arm
    - Manipulator space testbed
    - HMI and telepresence for servicing on orbit
    - HMI and telepresence for aerial manipulation

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    ARCAS: Fliegender Arm

    Published on Feb 29, 2016

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